Reasons to Get New Windows in Flower Mound

Reasons to Get New Windows in Flower Mound

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Windows are one of the most important features of any house.

They are not just there to look pretty, but they perform various functions to keep your home environment in the most optimal condition. They are your major sources of air flow and ventilation. They let the sunlight in your home and are means of insulation and protection from nature’s harsher elements. Windows are responsible for all this; as a result, they also face the brunt of wear and tear.

If your windows are not of modern design, then chances are they are wooden and quite old. You might find it is high time to replace them with new windows in Flower Mound. Old wooden windows can develop many problems over the years. This necessitates changing them with new windows.

Following are some of the problems and conditions which can affect old windows. They often prompt people to buy new windows in Flower Mound:

1.  Water Damage

If the make of your windows is wooden and old then it is likely that issues pertaining to water will arise over time. Window wood goes through chemical treatments and coatings to make it water resistant.

This water resistance can wear off over time and cause the wood to soak in water and become bloated. Cracks and chips can also occur. All of this means that water will manage to find its way inside your house. Your window will become complicit in water damage instead of protecting against it. Water damage is costly to repair thus install new windows in Flower Mound as soon as you suspect it.

2.  Mold and Rot

Water damage will lead to various other problems.  Mold and rot are at the top of the list of said problems.

Water inundation of your window’s wooden frame and the section of the wall it is situatedon will cause the wood to rot. Your wood will decompose and degrade as it breaks down and becomes home to rot causing organisms. This is impossible to reverse or repair, rotten wood needs to be replaced.

If rot does not set in then, mold and fungus might. They need damp and dark places to thrive. The cracks and openings in your window frame will provide the perfect home. Over time they will expand from the affected window to the entire section of your wall and will become a danger to your entire home.

If they have already set in then you have no choice other than to get new windows in Flower Mound.

3.  Drafty Windows

The main purpose of windows is ensuring the forces of nature do not come inside the house. Forces like rain, wind and the cold.

If you feel a chilly draft or wind blowing in through your closed window, then it means it is time for you to get new windows in Flower Mound. This can be because of cracks or the ill-fitting of the window frame.

You will be at risk of exposure to allergens and cold. Your HVAC system will face interference in its operation. It will fail to achieve the required temperature in its due time. This will increase electricity bills for you.

4.  UV Fading

Letting natural sunlight in to provide brightness and warmth is part of a window’s function. One problem with all old windows is that they don’t filter this sunlight.

Unfiltered sunlight contains ultra violet rays and light. UV light is harmful for your skin since long exposure can cause sunburns and skin cancer. UV light is also harmful for your home since it causes fading and colour loss on photos, objects, paintings, furniture, and the paint on your walls

Modern windows offer total blockage of UV rays without compromising on the sunlight. Protecting yourself from UV rays is a valid reason to get new windows in Flower Mound.

5.  Maintenance is a Hassle

The older something is, the more maintenance it requires.

That is also true for old windows and window frames. With age, the window glass will become more cloudy and fogged over. Abrasions and scratches which trap mist and condensation will occur in the glass. It can be very difficult to completely clean such a window and have it transparent again.

The window frame will need frequent polish and oiling to protect it from nature’s elements. If you want to save yourself from all this hassle then get new windows in Flower Mound. Modern windows use low maintenance materials which considerably cut down the time spent on maintaining your windows.

6.  Security Issues

Windows don’t only provide protection against nature but also against the folly of man.

Home breakers, invaders, robbers and thieves are all miscreants who can be kept at bay by installing the right windows. Old, glass or loose window frames are all viable entry points for such criminals. If you fear that your window security is compromised then don’t hesitate to immediately get new windows in Flower Mound. Modern windows come with many security options. Once locked down they are nigh impossible to break into short of ripping them apart.

7.  Miscellaneous Reasons

There are many other reasons why you might need new windows in Flower Mound. Maybe the kids in your neighborhood are fond of playing baseball where they shouldn’t and have hit a one too many home runs through your window. Maybe the window frame caught fire or was struck by lightning or hit by a tree branch.

You can never predict all the reasons in life which might prompt you to invest in new windows.


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