Reasons You Need Energy Efficient Windows | Fort Worth, TX

Reasons You Need Energy Efficient Windows | Fort Worth, TX

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When was the last time you went through a Fort Worth, TX summer? If you’ve lived here for more than a few months it probably wasn’t that long ago. You may have realized then, that you absolutely needed energy efficient windows. But maybe you haven’t been here that long. Or maybe you feel like the windows you have should be just fine. Well, we’re here to talk to you about just why those windows might be the best money you ever spent.

Save Money on Heating/Cooling

The first thing you’re going to find with energy efficient windows is that you’re going to save money on your energy bill each month. These windows are going to help you use less energy because heat or cold are not seeping through your windows. That means you don’t spend as much money on your heating and cooling bills. Your house isn’t going to be working against you when it comes to trying to keep it at the temperature that you want. When it is, that’s when your bills go up.

In fact, when you’re replacing single-pane windows with energy efficient windows you could save as much as $583 a year. If you’re replacing double pane windows you could be saving up to $197 a year. That’s definitely going to be worth it, don’t you think? What could you be doing with $200 to $600 extra in your pocket? You could probably be doing quite a lot of fun things for yourself and your family or you could be buying more of the things that you need in your household.

Keep Your Family Comfortable

Along the same lines, those energy efficient windows aren’t letting hot or cold air in. How often have you sat next to a window and you could feel the air coming in from outside? That’s definitely not comfortable, right? But where do you usually put all of the furniture in your rooms? Right up next to the walls and windows, right? That means that you and your family are going to be cold or hot frequently because you’re right next to those old windows that let in all that air, instead of enjoying the heat or cool air from inside the home.

The air that’s coming in from your windows is definitely going to make you feel less comfortable and that can actually be a reason that you turn your heat up or your air down so that you can feel more comfortable. But that’s yet another way that you’re spending a whole lot more money than you should be. Energy efficient windows can help you to cut down on this and can make sure that you’re not spending money where it’s not needed. If you had great windows you’d be able to just sit back and enjoy the settings you put your thermostat to, instead of counteracting the outdoors.

Keep Your Home Safe

Did you know that those standard windows are letting UV light through your house? That may not seem like a big deal, until you think about everything that the light flowing through your windows is touching. All of those things are being damaged by UV light every single day. And over time, that means your floors, carpets, furniture and more are going to be damaged by that light. They might fade, or warp or develop different markings because the light is going to affect them in different ways. But they’re not going to look the way you want them to look anymore.

This is another way that you could actually be saving some money in Fort Worth, TX. After all, if your flooring, carpeting or furniture is damaged you’re more likely to replace it, right? But you might not have to replace it if the UV light wasn’t getting in. So, when you switch to energy efficient windows you’re actually going to cut down on the general maintenance and replacement costs within your house as well as outside of your house. That’s definitely going to be an important step and a great way to keep the things you love.

Help the Environment

This is a great thing that you could be doing for the environment because these types of windows are actually produced in different ways and can reduce your overall carbon footprint. If you really want to protect Fort Worth, TX, this is where you should be paying attention. Every little bit counts and when you use energy efficient windows instead of standard or old windows you’re actually doing your part in helping to protect the planet as well. So, you’re getting a win-win for your family and the world around you.

When it comes to the environment, replacing double pane windows could actually reduce your carbon emissions by as much as 2,000 pounds. That’s equivalent to approximately 102 gallons of gas that’s not being released into the atmosphere. If you have single pane windows, however, energy efficient windows could cut your carbon emissions by as much as 6,205 pounds, which is equivalent to 317 gallons of gas. That’s a whole lot of carbon that you could keep from getting released into the atmosphere and it’s a whole lot of ways that you could be improving the world around you. And all alongside the other benefits you get.

If you’re not totally sold on energy efficient windows in Fort Worth, TX, take another look at the amount of money you could be saving each year and then consider how many times you’ve had to replace something your home (or complained about how it looked) because of that sun damage. That’s all something you could be getting rid of just by replacing your windows. And you could keep your entire family feeling more comfortable while you’re at it. That’s a great way to spend your money and it’s going to save you a lot when it comes to the long-run.