Replacement Windows in Plano: Double Pane or Triple Pane Windows?

Replacement Windows in Plano: Double Pane or Triple Pane Windows?

If you’re considering a replacement window in Plano, you know how difficult it can sometimes get to decide which type of window to go for. To make the right decision, it is imperative that you have all the necessary information.

In the past few years, the window making industry has progressed rapidly and there are now several options that are far more efficient and of better quality than the existing windows. Older windows are usually double paned or single paned. It’s better to get them upgraded to three pane replacement windows in Plano. Triple pane windows offer far more comfort and warmth than the predecessors.

There are a few misconceptions prevailing among the homeowners about the specifications and benefits of triple pane windows over double pane. It makes up a legitimate concern that what difference can a single pane make and why one should go for replacement windows in Plano.

Windows have a vast functioning base. They do a lot more than giving you an outside view or letting in natural sunlight. Their functions are far more diversified. A single pane window can only give you meager protection against wind and heat and offer a view, but you cannot expect it to give you fool-proof security, effective insulation, and good ventilation.

Double pane windows are deemed as better replacement windows in Plano as compared to a single pane. They are of higher quality with better features. But, if you really want to have the perfect windows triple pane is the one we strongly recommend. If installed correctly, they can offer you increased energy efficiency, infallible security, and excellent ventilation and insulation.

Triple pane windows are worth investing additional money as they have greater value back potential in the longer run.

How is Triple Pane Different from Double Pane?

As the name refers, triple pane replacement windows in Plano have three panes. A window pane is basically the sheet of glass separating your home indoor from the outside. Multiple window panes can be combined into a sealed unit, bound together by an insulator. This makes the unit more efficient and stronger as compared to a single glass sheet.

The more the number of panes is the greater the strength is. Double pane replacement windows in Plano come with two panes, and triple pane windows with three panes.

How Is the Suitability of a Window Decided?

The suitability of double or triple pane replacement windows in Plano is decided on the basis of the climate of the area and the features you’re looking out for. If you live in a place with the climate is mild, you can make do with double pane as your home won’t require extensive insulation to keep away the effects of weather from your living area.

However, for areas that face higher temperatures (or lower), triple pane windows are the best. They can effectively block the external heat and cold and can keep your home warm and comfortable as per your preference.

Also, if the usage of cooling and heating units is higher, it’s wise that you get triple pane windows so that lesser burden is endured by the HVAC system. Triple pane replacement windows in Plano can block the heat from escaping into and out of the room. This secured insulation brings down the energy consumption by your HVAC unit.

Triple pane windows are not restricted by climatic requirements. You can install them in your home and office space for greater efficiency and better security.

Triple Pane Windows Have an Edge Over Double Pane Windows

When it comes to replacement windows in Plano both double and triple pane windows have quality attributes. But triple pane exceeds double pane because of two essential reasons. Both of them are discussed underneath:

  • Argon Filled Window Cavity: In multiple pane windows, the pane cavities are filled with Argon gas. This gas increases the thermal resistance of the window and slower downs the heat and air transfer across the panes. Double pane also has argon filled between the panes, but having two cavities is better than a single gas-filled cavity, making triple pane windows a more efficient option.
  • Low-E Coatings: Triple pane windows can accommodate additional low-emitting coatings which are applied during manufacturing at a molecular level. Low-emitting coatings increase the performance and efficiency of the window and are available in both double and triple pane windows. Low-e coatings prevent the heat from escaping and hold the heat and coldness inside. These coating also reflect UV rays to maintain the temperature of your home. Having low-e coatings in multiple panes makes the replacement windows in Plano more efficient.
  • Sound-proof Features: Although double pane windows can effectively filter the noise entering the room, the triple pane can give you far more improved results.

Cost Comparison of the Two

Triple pane windows are obviously more costly than double pane. Their price can get 10 to 15% higher than the double pane windows. But considering the features triple pane windows have to offer, it makes their price worth the investment.

You can increase your home’s value substantially by going for this option of replacement windows in PlanoYou can also save huge on your energy bills subsequently.

Which Window Option to Go For?

Both the window options are good. You can choose the one that goes well with your needs and preference. While double pane windows may suit your budget better, triple pane windows have long term value offerings to look forward to.

The latter option can give you tremendous benefits throughout the year with better energy efficiency and greater security. Also, triple pane windows can have a lifespan of over 25 years.

To learn more about triple and double pane windows, contact Energy Windows Solutions today. We can help you make the best decision and get a good value out of your investment. Call us at 972-290-1848 and get a free estimate.