Seeing The Light: Understanding Issues That Prompt Homeowners To Upgrade To Triple Pane Windows | Fort Worth, TX

Seeing The Light: Understanding Issues That Prompt Homeowners To Upgrade To Triple Pane Windows | Fort Worth, TX

For old homes, which are more than 20 years, new replacement windows will become a priority sooner. Sometimes homeowners do not replace their old windows because they can afford to or for luxurious reasons, but due to the problems they encounter with the home windows.

Yes, replacing windows is an expensive venture that requires planning, window shopping, sessions with window experts to explain the pros and cons of the selected types, such as triple pane windows, and hiring the best technician for correct installation. However, the following issues can compel you to upgrade to energy-efficient windows as soon as possible.

Drafty Windows

Drafty windows compromise one of the most vital purposes of home windows to improve energy efficiency since they allow air to leak out and in your home. Temperature-related comfort during the alternating scorching hot and wintry seasons is achievable if your windows are in perfect condition.

Drafty windows make HVAC systems overwork because of the conditioned air they transfer to the outside and the outdoor air they let in. The issue becomes worse when the gaps or openings in the windows increase.

Now, how will you know that the windows are drafty? When standing by the windows on a wintry day, and you feel cold instead of the warmth your heater is providing, that is a sign of a drafty window that needs to go.

The warm and cold spots the drafty windows create can prompt you to start researching for unmatched energy-efficient windows. Your window contractor can recommend you upgrade to triple pane windows because of the three panes that increase energy efficiency.

High Utility Bills

The cooling and heating systems provide thermal comfort in winter and summer. But, there comes a time when your house barely becomes warm on cold days or cooled on hot days, despite your peak performing HVAC system working all day and using more energy.

That’s when an HVAC specialist in Fort Worth, TX can shift your focus from the units to the windows and doors to check if they allow outdoor air to interfere with the conditioned air and heat.

Once they confirm your windows are the problem, if you are financially capable, do not waste time and start the window replacement project to double or triple pane windows. The energy-efficient windows are ideal for keeping outdoor air out and conditioning cool or warm air inside. They save heaters and coolers from overworking and sudden breakdowns and significantly reduce utility bills.

Damaged Windows

Residential properties with old windows installed with wood frames can experience multiple problems. As the windows age, they wear and tear due to exposure to extreme heat and cold in winter and summer.

The single-paned windows that existed for the longest time before the double and triple pane windows started trending are highly susceptible to leaks. The leaky windows expose wood frames to decay.

When water drips on wooden framing materials for a long time, it drains the water and starts to rot over time. It affects how the windows operate and the way they look. They become drafty, allowing air to move in and out of your home, an issue that skyrockets your bills and increases the levels of thermal discomfort.

In addition, leaking windows create moisture that can allow mold to grow in your house, another issue you should avoid. When you notice your old windows deteriorating due to extreme temperatures and leaks, it should prompt you to replace them with the new triple pane windows if your pockets are up to the task.

People with low income can apply for grants from the Federal Window Replacement Programs to fund their energy efficient window upgrading projects.

The upgrade from the single-paned windows to the energy-efficient options with Low-E glass prevents leaks and can prolong the life of your aluminum and wooden frames. They can also save you from mold growth, which can cause substantial damage to your furniture, cabinets, and property.

Noise Penetrating the House

People living in noisy places, such as close to air stips, highways, playgrounds, and busy pathways, can opt for triple pane windows. The windows restrict external sound vibrations from passing through into your home the same way they stop air from entering your space.

With energy-efficient windows, your Fort Worth, TX house will be so quiet that you might forget you reside near noisy construction sites and streets. You will not regret upgrading to triple pane home windows because of the peaceful quiet space they offer.


Another window problem that can compel you to invest in triple pane windows replacement is the presence of condensation. It is an issue that can be a cause of concern when condensation builds up between the panes if your windows are double-paned.

The moisture you see within the two window glasses indicates the seals are broken and require prompt fixing or replacement, depending on the extent of the problem.

Failure to replace the windows on time causes your windows to leak, giving room for mold growth and decaying wooden frames. Your windows also become inoperable. Additionally, damaged windows due to decaying framing materials can decrease the value of your property and its external beauty.

For that reason, you should consider triple pane home windows that assure you of peak efficiency for the longest time. With accurate installation from the best window technicians, triple pane windows will not have condensation and leak issues.

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It is indisputable that investing in the finest energy-efficient windows is a lucrative investment for homeowners. The frames, holders, glass panes, and other features must be installed accurately to achieve peak performance. The triple pane windows will increase the beauty of your house and enhance energy efficiency. They also significantly reduce noise and energy bills and increase thermal comfort.

Therefore, if you are financially ready to upgrade to these new energy efficient windows, call Energy Window Solutions in Fort Worth, TX. You will receive friendly consultation services and the most accurate installation of the new windows for optimal efficiency.

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