Should I Replace The Windows On My Old Home With Energy Efficient Windows? | Dallas, TX

Should I Replace The Windows On My Old Home With Energy Efficient Windows? | Dallas, TX

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There is something undeniably alluring about older homes in Dallas, TX: the history, the craftsmanship, the character, and features that are impossible to find in modern houses. Whether it’s the antique lighting fixtures, wooden floorboards, or high ceilings, centuries-old homes are a sight to behold. However, they have their fair share of challenges, especially when it comes to energy efficiency. One of the features that minimize the energy efficiency in older homes is its windows.

Though they may have features such as hand-crafted woodworking or stained glass, windows in older homes were built at a time when energy efficient windows did not exist. One of the dilemmas people who prefer older homes face is the need to update their homes and the feeling that this will mar the historic look of the property and its value.

This post points out everything you need to know before you swap to energy efficient windows for your old Dallas, TX home.

What Are Your Options?

Repairing old windows

A considerable percentage of antique homeowners feel that new energy efficient windows would alter the character of the home. In that case, you might want to consider repairing them. A window specialist will be able to repair the sashes, fix any jams, and glaze your old windows. A few options as far as window repairing include:

Buffing up your old windows for better energy efficiency

For homes with quality frames that are in tip-top condition, or if they cannot be replaced easily, you can buff up your windows panes to double or even triple-glazed windows. You could glaze the glass with a Low-E coating that not only makes your windows more energy efficient but also blocks certain rays from getting into your home and gradually ruining your furniture.

Retrofitting the window panes

If you feel that replacing your old windows will ruin your home’s feel and overall look, you should consider repairing or restoring them. Unlike replacement windows that require to be factory repaired or wholly replaced, windows in times past were made to be repairable.

Should your window frames still be in near perfect condition, a window expert could recommend retrofitting. This involves replacing the glass and perhaps doing minor repairs on the frames and trim. No material used to make the window needs to be replaced or reconditioned. Retrofitting does not alter the size of your windows or the way they are placed.

After inspecting your home, your window specialist should advise you on what will work for your property. It may be something as simple as repairing worn frames or repainting them.

Old windows with energy-efficiency properties

In case the windows in your old home are worn, difficult to open, or have broken or cracked panes, it would make better economic sense to replace them rather than try to repair them.

Most old homes have smaller or bigger frames compared to modern window sizes. This implies that should you replace them with stock windows, you will only end up with gaps that defeat the purpose of swapping to energy efficient windows. Besides, pre-made windows might not match your home’s architectural style and color. The mismatch could cause a considerable drop in your home’s value. For these reasons, most window manufacturers recommend custom energy efficient windows.

Window Repairing vs Replacement: What Are the Cost Implications?

Repairing the windows in an older home effectively extends their life and delays replacement costs. Common repairs include pane replacement, repairing window seals, and sash or window lock replacement. These costs could range from $50 for window seal repairs to $600 for glass pane replacement.

On the other hand, expect to pay anything from $400 to $1,200 if you plan to install energy efficient windows in your old home. Additional costs that affect the cost of your replacement windows include:

  • Window frame material – Not only does this affect the overall cost, but also the home’s aesthetics and the long-term maintenance costs. As the window frames in most conventional homes were made of wood, the cost of replacing such with like material ranges from $300 to $600 per unit. Vinyl is the most affordable frame material and can be customized to mimic natural wood.


  • The window size and design – The bigger the size of the replacement energy efficient windows, the higher the costs you will incur. The window type also affects the overall costs. Most old homes feature single-hung window designs. These are the most basic and will cost you between $100 to $400. At the same time, casement windows are the most expensive. Other window types include double-hung, picture, sliding, skylights, and storm windows.


  • Glass type – Most manufacturers recommend double-glazed glass as opposed to single-glazed replacement windows. The former, along with triple-pane glass windows, offer better insulation and noise cancellation, thus making them costlier compared to single-glazed windows. Other windows include those with laminated glass and windows with a Low-E coating.

To minimize the overall cost of your window replacement project, take advantage of such factors as discounts on large orders. By replacing all the windows in your old home at the same time, you will save on labor and materials as certain overheads remain the same whether the contractor is replacing a single unit or multiple windows.

Look out for rebates from window manufacturers or even local distributors. In some instances, the government provides incentives for choosing energy efficient windows.

Get Energy Window Solutions Professionals to Repair or Replace Your Windows

Older homes tend to be dark due to their small windows that allow very little light inside. Make your older home more appealing by repairing or replacing its windows. If you are in Dallas, TX, get in touch with the experts at Energy Window Solutions for an obligation-free estimate. Our experts will guide you on the best style and colors that will preserve your old home’s charm while improving its energy efficiency. Get in touch with us today for more information about energy efficient windows.