Should You Spend on Installing Triple Pane Windows in Dallas Fort Worth?

Should You Spend on Installing Triple Pane Windows in Dallas Fort Worth?

You must have heard about triple pane windows and must be wondering if you should replace your old windows with triple pane windows in Dallas Fort Worth.

This is exactly what we will be discussing today. In this post we will look at the great benefits of triple pane windows, we will learn some facts and will help you decide if you need them in your house.

So before we dig deeper into the advantages of installing triple pane windows, let us briefly understand what we mean by the term triple pane windows.

When you hear companies speaking about windows, they are usually referring to the number of glass panes in a window. For instance, single glazed is one pane, the double-glazed have two panes and triple-glazed are three panes.

However, the experts recommend homeowners to use at least double glazed windows. Even though in certain climate conditions it is still not easy to keep double pane windows efficient and to add features to increase their performance. That is why now people tend to install triple pane windows in Dallas Fort Worth.

Triple pane windows come with an array of benefits. They are efficient which means they help you save a good amount of money in terms of utility bills. Anyone who installs a single pane window or low-efficiency double pane window in an area with dramatic climate conditions, only wastes their money to install them and then on higher energy bills.

So it’s time to have a look at the great benefits of installing triple pane windows.

High Energy Efficiency

Triple pane windows in Dallas Fort Worth can make your life a lot more comfortable. They are highly efficient and are great to keep in warmth during the cold season. Similarly, during the summer season, they easily keep the heat out. In comparison to single pane windows, triple pane windows are almost 50% effective in insulating your house. They are around 25% more efficient in comparison to double pane windows.

This translates into increased savings on your HVAC cost. It also indicates that you can be more comfortable being in your house and there will be no sweating when the scorching sun hit you as you watch TV. Similarly no more shivering during cold season while you sleep in your bedroom.

No More Condensation

Have you ever noticed moisture on the interior of your windows during a cold day? This is because the temperature difference between the indoor and outdoor causes water vapors to sweat on the window glass. This can further lead to the potential danger of mold growth or damage to windowsills and drywall.

However, when you replace the old windows with triple pane window in Dallas Fort Worth, it provides great resistance to temperature difference and the sweaty glass becomes the thing of the past.

Triple Pane Windows Are Highly Safe

Another great benefit of triple pane windows in Dallas Fort Worth is the high level of safety for your home. It is no surprise that it is very difficult to break through triple pane or three layers of glass instead of just one. This means that your triple pane windows in Dallas Fort Worth are much sturdier in the situation of an attempted break-in. This is also true in the case a projectile or rock strikes on the window or if there is heavy storm or earthquake.

Triple Pane Windows in Dallas Fort Worth Have More Gas Fill

Triple pane windows have two chambers and both of them can be equally filled with krypton or argon gas. This remarkably leads to higher energy efficiency performance. For your better understanding and to give you an example, consider a double pane window having 1 coat of Low-E 180 along with 28 ER rating. Conversely, consider a triple pane window with an ER rating of 34.

This means that the additional pane of glass with just 2 chambers filled with gas can improve the ER rating of the window by almost 20%.

More Soundproof

The only thing that Energy Star fails to consider is how well your windows avoid sound transmission. Many homeowners, who install new vinyl windows, believe that the new windows are not as much soundproof as the old ones were. It is obvious that triple pane windows in Dallas Fort Worth have an additional pane of glass and that makes them highly soundproof. Another factor that allows triple pane windows to have reduced sound transmission is the insulating glass units installed between glazings.

Such insulation units which are also referred as IG Unit increases the efficiency of your insulated glass while reducing the outdoor noise.

Unquantifiable Benefits of Triple Pane Windows in Dallas Fort Worth

When the temperature is below freezing, one can easily sit next to a triple-glazed window and may not feel cold. This is the comfort level that is worth keeping in mind. Generally, triple pane windows have a higher ER value. They provide energy efficient upgrades while attaining higher performance values in comparison to double pane windows.

In the bottom line

Windows are an integral part of your house both from an aesthetic point of view and energy efficiency. They play a crucial role in keeping your house safe while the maintaining a comfortable temperature inside.

Do you know if your windows fail to keep out the heat during blazing sun, this may fade your carpets or damage your furniture?

As stated earlier, triple pane windows in Dallas Fort Worth help you reduce your energy bills. While some homeowners find the cost of triple pane window higher they fail to realize the attached benefits that will continue for years.

A triple pane window may have higher cost upfront but it saves money in terms of energy consumption, reduced need of HVAC systems and offering adequate safety in your house.

If you need more professional insight on triple pane windows in Dallas Fort Worth, head over to Energy Window Solutions right away.