The Famous Myths about Replacement Windows in Flower Mound, TX

The Famous Myths about Replacement Windows in Flower Mound, TX

Windows are an important part of our household but unless they are damaged or broken, we hardly pay any attention to them. Windows are important as they let in heat and sunlight. They maintain warmth in cold weather and conversely cool down air when it’s warm.

However, for homeowners, windows are just a part of their structure. Most homeowners fail to realize the crucial role played by windows in our daily lives. For instance, if you have installed the right windows, you can significantly reduce the energy bills while keeping your family or inhabitants comfortable.

Similarly, when it comes down to replacement windows in Flower Mound, many homeowners believe in false misconceptions or myths. They believe in these traditional practices and end up spending too much money or either installing the wrong windows.

So what are these myths about replacement windows in Flower Mound? Well to assist you with that and to help you avoid such practices, in this post, we will discuss the most popular window replacement myths that many homeowners keep falling for.

Myth no.1 – Windows must be airtight

Windows have vents that indicate that they don’t need to be airtight. In fact, windows need some space to breathe. Keeping this in mind, we need to avoid some practices like cleaning them by directly spraying a garden hose at the windows, especially from the ground level. The foremost reason why this practice is called a myth of replacement windows in Flower Mound and it suggests that water spraying can allow water to enter window vents.

This not only creates a mess inside but may lead to severe problems like mildew that can ultimately lead to several other serious issues.

The common signs of plugged vents or clogged windows include;

  • Peeling paint on windows
  • Foggy mirrors
  • Condensation inside the window or either between in the case of double paned glass windows
  • Mildew

All of these indicate that your windows cannot breathe properly. So purchase the windows that easily combat the issue of mildew or condensation by having a condensation resistance rating. The rating can be between 0 – 100. The higher the number the more it will be condensation resistant.

Myth no.2 – Unbelievably low prices of replacement windows in Flower Mound

The actual cost of windows is not just their market price but you should also take into account how energy efficient they are. As a homeowner, look past the simple upfront cost and ensure that you get a comprehensive understanding of the overall pricing. For instance, If you install windows that cost more in keeping the space cooled or heated, then this must be included in the windows cost as well.

Low e-glass windows and double paned windows are good to save some bucks on utilities. With low e-glass windows, we mean windows that have a microscopic layer comprising metallic oxides which are invisible to the naked eye. The coating is great to protect the house from UV rays that are extremely harmful to our skin. It can easily fade your carpet or damage your furniture.

So what makes low e-windows a good choice is their ability to keep the house warmer in the cold season by reflecting some lights inside the home and cooler during the summer time by reflecting back some light outside?

This was another myth about replacement windows in Flower Mound that make homeowner pay an additional amount in terms of increased energy bills.

Myth no.3 – Windows having Federal Energy Regulatory Commission sticker are energy efficient

The major information you can have while purchasing windows is on the NFRC sticker. However, this performance rating sticker only indicates that the window is rated and not that it is energy efficient. This is one of the most common misconceptions among homeowners about replacement windows in Flower Mound.

To give you an example, if a homeowner wants to avail some tax credit in terms of windows installation, the NFRC ration must be less than or equal to 3. But sometimes windows having higher number may also have this sticker. So what you need to understand is that just like Energy Star sticker indicates that the window meets all the government standards in terms of energy efficiency. Similarly, the NFRC sticker is also useful but it does not indicate that the window is energy efficient or good for your home.

Myth no.5 – All window frames are equal

Another typical myth about replacement windows in Flowers Mound is that all the frames are equal and have no effect on the efficiency of the windows. However, window frame can significantly affect the efficiency of a window and in several ways.

For instance, Aluminum windows are cheaper and lighter but they are poor insulators and conduct heat. Vinyl frames are certainly the best but they usually come with a UV stabilizer which prevents sun damage. They also have improved thermal performance ratings. Similarly, wood frames are also good insulators and look great but if they catch moisture, the get rot even treated lumber and cedar.

In that situation, they must be sealed with gaskets and caulked. Their corners should be properly sealed and wooden frames should be checked if there is any moisture in them or behind them.

The bottom Line

All of these practices or beliefs are simple misconceptions that may harm you in various ways. The homeowners not only waste their time and energy in searching for these factors while replacing windows, but they also end up incurring heavy cost in terms of installation and frequent replacement need.

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