Solving the Problem of Condensation on Windows in Southlake, TX

Solving the Problem of Condensation on Windows in Southlake, TX

You probably just want to get rid of condensation and do not really care about the scientific reasons behind this phenomenon. Apart from being irritating, window condensation is even capable of damaging the plaster inside your house and can rot wood molding.

Interior condensation, due to extra moisture, can be harmful for your entire house. In addition to the possible damage caused by condensation, you cannot even clearly observe the street. Fortunately, some measures could be taken to reduce condensation on the windows by removing the moisture in the air.

Exterior Condensation

Condensation on the exterior part of the windows occurs when the outside temperature drops below the dew point. Exterior condensation also shows that a very little amount of heat is escaping through the windows from the inside of the house.

You need to be patient and wait for the sun to remove the water droplets on the outer part of the windows. If you cannot wait for the sun to do its job then you can apply Rain X on the exterior glass. Rain X gathers the water droplets and then runs them off the window.

Interior Condensation

Excessive moisture in your home causes interior condensation on the windows. This is mostly seen in the winter season in Southlake, TX when the warm air condenses on the cold interior windows. Interior condensation is quite common but it can be eliminated by taking certain steps.

Raise the Temperature

The condensation on the windows can be reduced by raising their temperature. When warm air hits the cold window then condensation occurs, and it can be avoided by slightly increasing the temperature of the house. In addition, you can raise the window temperature by using drapes, curtains, or blinds.

Kitchen and Bathroom Fans

The moisture released from cooking or showering does not escape from the house, and as a result water particles form on the windows. So, every time you shower or cook, you need to use the kitchen or bathroom fans. These exhaust fans will prevent the formation of water droplets by removing the moisture from the air.

Open Your Windows

Opening the windows is a relatively easier and simpler option than the others. If the weather is not too chilly in Southlake, then you can open the windows to release the warm, moist air that is present inside your home, but do not try this when it is freezing outside.

Circulate the Air

The condensation on the windows can be reduced by circulating the air. For this purpose, you might need to use your fans even in the chilly season. To push the warm air to the floor from the ceiling, the fans need to be rotated in a clockwise direction.

Window Insulation Kits

Condensation on the interior windows could be prevented by installing window insulation kits. You will be able to reduce your electricity bill, but not condensation, when you install these kits on the outside.

Move the Plants Away From the Windows

Some people are not aware that they can reduce condensation by moving the plants away from the windows. The plants are a source of moisture in the air.

Storm Windows

When winter arrives, you can make use of storm windows to reduce the water droplets formed on the interior windows. They are installed inside or outside on the main glass windows. The primary reason for using this extra layer of windows is to provide weather insulation and more protection from wind. The space that is present between the windows helps to raise the temperature of the interior window.

Storm windows can be tailor-made by specifying the dimension of the main windows. They are available in either triple-track or two-track configurations. If there is condensation on the storm windows, then there might be a leak in the interior panes and you will have to reapply the weather stripping.

Weather Stripping

You can avoid warm air from leaving your house by adding weather stripping to the windows. Weather stripping can help seal the gaps around the doors and the windows and make your house warmer. Consequently, you will be able to save a decent amount of money on your energy bills.

Purchase a Dehumidifier

Unless all other attempts at reducing condensation have somehow failed, you do not need to consider this option. This is because a dehumidifier is an expensive product. You might want to purchase a mini dehumidifier if the bigger one does not put a big dent in your wallet. Some dehumidifiers are automatic, while others have to be manually turned on and off.

Condensation Between the Window Panes

When the porous crystalline substance used to absorb moisture, known as desiccant, is saturated inside the windows or the seal between the panes is broken, then it is likely that condensation will occur there. Unfortunately, when this happens, you will need a window replacement.

Before replacing the window panes, you can try cleaning them because the haziness due to the buildup of grease or cleaning product could be misinterpreted as condensation. If that is not the case, then you have two choices. If you do not care, then you can leave it as it is. If you are really concerned, then you will have to replace the glass units.

Under some circumstances, it is not possible that the problem will be solved by only replacing the glass units. Sometimes, replacing the whole window is the only option left. If your windows are old and outdated, it is better that you get some new ones. If you are considering to replace the windows in Southlake, TX then you can get help from Energy Window Solutions. Not only could you get authentic products, but you can also get efficient ones as well.