Things You Should Know Before Replacing Your Windows | Window Installers in Dallas Fort Worth

Things You Should Know Before Replacing Your Windows | Window Installers in Dallas Fort Worth

Thinking of replacing your windows? Do you know where to start?

Well, a guide could come in handy for you. Here is what you need to know before you make a decision.

Repair If Possible

Before you go out and hire a window installer you should check whether the window can be repaired or a full replacement is required. Just because your windows are old doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to be replaced.

An expert carpenter or handyman can save you the cost of getting a new window by just polishing or repairing the old one. These professionals can add weather-stripping and replace glazing, hardware, sash cords and broken panes. After they are done with the work, you will realize that the old windows look very similar to brand new ones. Some people are also not in favor of changing their beautiful strong windows. You can save the costs of replacement and use the money for insulation or any other purpose.

Full Replacement or Not

The windows can be replaced in two different ways. The worker can either install a window insert or install a whole new window unit. The method of installing a window insert saves about $ 200 per window, although the size will be smaller than the original.

Doing it Yourself or Hiring a Professional

First of all, you need to decide whether you will be taking help from a professional window installer in Dallas Fort Worth or you would be doing it yourself. If you are inexperienced, there is a high probability that you might not be able to determine the right type of window. A replacement window project can go wrong if you are not an expert in proper fitting and installation. Moreover, metal or wooden windows require more expertise. While choosing an expert in installing windows, you need to consider the reputation of the firm. Although you might find many window installers, you need to take care that the company is reliable. Energy Window Solutions has a high reputation for  installing windows.

How Long Would You Live With Your New Windows

Different types of windows have different life cycles. So you need to consider for how long do you really need those windows.  If you are looking to sell your house, it is preferable that you sell the windows as well and buy new ones when you shift into a new home. This is done to avoid possible damage to the windows.

Examine the Label

Although you might be offered a lot of valuable suggestions by your friends and family, you still need to do your own homework. Before purchasing a new window, you should check the label. What you are looking for is reliable third-party endorsements such as the ENERGY STAR, NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council), AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association) and Good Housekeeping label. A window that does not have such a label needs to be disregarded since the organizations do a lot of research and evaluation before putting those labels.


After narrowing down your options, you need to compare the products that you have selected. This is considered to be a very thoughtful approach and can prove to be beneficial. You can find some websites which provide authentic comparisons or you could do it on your own. There are various options to compare two or more types of windows such as checking their price, appearance and design, quality and durability and warranties. You might want to make use of an online tool to explore the color and style options.

For a longer life of the window, choose a solid steel frame with a sloped structure to get rid of rainwater. You might need to consider fusion-welded frame and sash, and double ventilation locks. If the windows could be manufactured specifically for your house then go for this option.

Some people tend to ignore the energy saving capability of windows.  There are some factors which need to be kept in mind while looking for energy efficient windows. More consideration should be given to Solar Heat Gain Coefficient measurement, if you have to face hot weather most of the year.

Type of Frame

Nowadays, a wide variety of frames are available in the market. Vinyl, aluminum, and wood are the type of materials which are used to make the frames. The vinyl frames, similar to the wood frames, require low maintenance. They are also resistant to weather changes. Vinyl is mainly used to protect the wooden windows.

In places where there is a lot of rain and humidity, aluminum is seen as a more sensible option. The downside of using aluminum is that it causes higher heating bills than wood or vinyl due to its poor insulation capability.

Amongst the common framing materials, wooden ones are regarded to be more attractive than the others. Since wood is a poorer conductor than metals, it is less likely to transfer cold and heat than aluminum. The disadvantage of using wood frames is that it requires more maintenance. You need to buy expensive and high-quality wood, if you reside in a humid area.

Type of Glass

The people who are opting for energy efficient windows should find an insulated glass unit (IGU) to be a perfect choice. Krypton or argon gas is filled in the space between the panes to reduce the temperature and block the harmful UV rays. The single pane windows are less effective than the IGU windows when it comes to insulating your home.

A switchable smart film technology is just the right thing for you. It changes the tint or transparency of the window to adapt to the various changes in the environment. The good news is that they are easy to install.

If you are looking to replace your windows by taking the help of professionals who are very good at what they do then you should definitely call Energy Window Solutions.