Style Matters: Window Replacement Options For Aesthetic Appeal | Dallas

Style Matters: Window Replacement Options For Aesthetic Appeal | Dallas

Just like houses, window styles have also evolved over the years. That’s why today, buyers have lots of options to choose from when it comes to home windows styles. New windows are a major investment; it’s important to choose windows that provide the functionality and energy efficiency you’re looking for, but also enhance the look of your home. Since new windows can add value to your house, you definitely want to consider window styles carefully so you can install windows that will boost your home’s aesthetic appeal. Energy Window Solutions of Dallas, TX, can help.

Window Types and Styles

Window types refer to window designs and speak to how they operate. For instance, single hung windows open from the bottom, but their upper portions remain in place. Double hung windows can be opened from the bottom or the top. Window style typically refers to its aesthetic. For instance, Mid-Century windows are streamlined and modern in appearance while Victorian windows (and their reproductions) tend to feature more ornate details such as scrollwork. Many people opt to choose a window style that best reflects the architectural style of their home. As you shop for your home windows project, you’re likely to encounter the following window styles:

Colonial Revival Windows

Homes that feature a Colonial Revival style tend to feature traditional styles. Windows appear with even spacing and boast an elegant simplicity. Single and double hung windows are common window types for these homes; although dormer windows may also be present. A common feature of Colonial Revival windows is grilles that add a distinctive decorative look to each window. Some homeowners may even opt to add decorative or ornate hardware to the windows for added aesthetic appeal. An Energy Window Solutions associate can help you select hardware for your windows.

Farmhouse-Style Windows

Traditionally, farmhouses were outfitted with double hung windows. Simple in appearance, these windows feature clean lines and, sometimes, a cross-style grill. If you’re planning home windows for your modern farmhouse, you’ll want to stick with the same clean lines, but you may opt for single hung windows or casement windows, which are a popular traditional window type.

Ranch Home Windows

Ranch-style homes were first built during the 1920s but started to become immensely popular after WWII. As single story homes, these structures often contained larger windows, especially larger picture windows. One of the issues that some people have with picture windows is that they don’t always open. If you’re interested in picture windows, talk to Energy Window Solutions about picture windows with opening functionality.

Modern Windows

If you have a contemporary home, you likely want to choose a style that reflects the modern look of your house. Many people opt for minimalist styles. Sliding windows are a popular option. Unlike retro styles that tend to be more ornate, modern windows are frequently unadorned and simple in their designs. That said, even if you have a vintage-inspired home, you may find that a modern window style does not detract from your home’s original character.

Home Windows Options

When shopping for new windows for your Dallas, TX, home, you’ll find that you have lots of options to consider. That can make selecting windows challenging. Here are a few considerations that may help you narrow your home windows choice down:


Consider how your current windows function. Are you happy with how they open? Do you find cleaning them difficult? Do you wish you could open them wider to enjoy greater airflow from the outdoors? Windows function in different ways. It makes sense to select a window style based on functionality. For instance, many vintage-style windows opened with a hand crank. Many modern sash windows must be lifted up, which some people may find difficult. What functionality seems most convenient for you? Use that as your starting point.

Energy Efficiency

Consumers often opt for whole-house home windows in order to enhance their home’s energy efficiency. Old windows are notorious for their inefficiency. Windows with poor insulating properties mean that your air conditioning system, for instance, has to work harder to maintain your preferred interior temperature. The harder it works, the more you pay for energy costs. Plus, overworked AC units tend to break down more frequently and suffer reduced longevity.

Today, there are many windows that are designed specifically with improved energy efficiency in mind. These windows can add value to your home as well as enhance your home’s interior temperature control. When you shop at Energy Window Solutions for your home windows, the team can discuss the energy-efficient properties of any windows you’re interested in. That way, you can make a more informed purchase decision.


When shopping for home windows, you’ll also note that window models are priced differently. Not surprisingly custom windows tend to cost more than standard size windows. Also, leading energy-efficient windows are apt to be more expensive than windows that lack in-demand energy-efficient properties. The associates of Energy Window Solutions can help you choose models for your replacement project that suit your budget.


Finally, of course, you’ll want to consider the aesthetics of the windows you select. For instance, what color window are you considering? White may be standard, but what about black or dark brown frames? It may be helpful to do some research online to view homes with different window styles for inspiration.

Energy Window Solutions carries high-quality windows from leading manufacturers. We can handle all aspects of your home windows installation. We’ll remove your old windows and install the new models to perfection. Contact us to learn more about our solutions or to get answers to your questions. Be sure to peruse our website to learn more about our window services in Dallas, TX.

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