The Benefits And What To Consider Before Purchasing Energy Efficient Windows | Flower Mound, TX

The Benefits And What To Consider Before Purchasing Energy Efficient Windows | Flower Mound, TX

Many window companies claim they can help homeowners replace their old or aging windows with energy-efficient ones. But what are energy efficient windows, though? What do they even mean? You must know the difference between conventional windows and energy-efficient ones. Note that these windows may be different from each other, too, based on various features. This ensures that you have a firm understanding of what it means to have an energy-efficient window.

Our team at Window Solutions can help you get a clear view of the benefits of installing vinyl windows in your Flower Mound, TX home. The more information you have, the more you are better positioned to make an informed decision about your replacement project. As discussed below, there are three vital characteristics to look for with energy-efficient vinyl windows.

Quality Glass

The first feature to consider is the quality of the glass. You want to ensure the windows you plan to use in your replacement home project are made from high-quality glass. Energy efficient vinyl glasses use argon gas to enhance the window’s energy efficiency rating. It increases the “R” value of the glass making the window.

A high-quality glass is essential as it will deter the sun’s harmful UV rays from entering your house and causing damage to the material fabrics. The intense cold and heat will also be blocked better, with your home’s interiors being better insulated because the glass is much superior to what you are used to. This improves the overall temperatures of your home.

Weather Stripping

Weatherstripping is the next vital feature and component of energy efficient windows. Any window that claims to be energy efficient should have this component. Weatherstripping is the first line your windows have for insulating your home’s interiors, blocking water from entering, preventing drafts or winds from passing through, among many similar functionalities.

This component is developed so that it goes around all your window’s edges. If the weather stripping is done correctly on the new energy efficient windows for your home, the results are generally breathtaking with respect to the additional insulation they provide.


Low-E isn’t a kind of glass but a reflective coating that may be added to the glass within the window. From an energy efficiency point of view, Low-E is a vital feature to consider. Low-E is specifically designed to reflect the sun’s rays, keeping the heat away from your home on hot days or during the summer months. The Low-E reflective coating protects your flooring, furniture, fabrics, family, and pets from the harmful rays that might cause extensive damage by reflecting the UV rays.

When shopping for a vinyl window for your home, there are many features to consider. However, Argon gas, Low-E glass, and weather stripping are the main features to look out for. By working with us at Energy Window solutions, we can offer you advice on the best type of window based on characteristics, ensuring that your home experiences coolness during summer and heat generated during winter isn’t released through the windows.

After considering the above features and deciding on the best type of window to use at your home, contact a technician to fit them on your behalf. The technician is adequately trained to safely install the energy efficient window for you to enjoy the benefits below.

Benefits Of Energy Efficient Vinyl Windows

Superior Insulation

Probably you’ve heard of this might come as a surprise that windows are pretty effective at keeping the hot exterior temperatures at bay. This makes your home’s interiors comfortable and cozy. Energy Star rated Windows eliminates your home’s cold and hot spots. Energy-efficient vinyl windows provide a barrier that keeps your Flower Mound, TX home warmer during winter and cooler during summer even without turning on your air conditioner in some cases. However, it should be noted that the windows must be closed to enjoy this benefit. The gap between vinyl energy efficient windows panes provides a high-level insulative quality.

Saves You Money

If you have an HVAC system at your home, you know that the biggest energy consumer is the air conditioning unit. This is especially true during summers and winters. An air conditioning system usually works for several hours every day during these seasons, ensuring comfortable temperatures for your family’s convenience and comfort.

However, you can save some money on monthly energy bills by installing energy efficient windows. As discussed above, these windows insulate your home, preventing heat loss by holding the treated cool or hot air within the confines of your home. They do this relatively better compared to the conventional glass windows. Hence, your furnace or AC will not have to work hard to keep your home at comfortable temperatures. So, you will use less electrical energy. The furnace or air conditioner won’t also see a lot of malfunctioning or damage, meaning you will not use much money and time to repair it.

Enhances the Aesthetic Appearance of Your Home

Besides energy conservation, most homeowners invest in energy efficient windows to improve their home’s aesthetic appeal and look. Conducting some research can help you arrive at the best window type for your home, depending on your location and light intensity. It will also offer insights into different window models’ energy ratings, which can be vital when purchasing one.

You’ll realize the benefits of energy efficient windows when they begin to address your needs. Regardless of their costs, these windows make your home have a more scenic appearance while reducing your home’s energy consumption at the same time.

Seek Energy Efficient Windows Services from the Pros in Flower Mound

Although they are increasing in popularity, purchasing energy efficient windows isn’t as easy as walking to a store and paying for some panes. There are essential considerations that you have to make to realize their benefits. Your window installation technician can be of great help.

After considering things like Low-E rating and the quality of the glass, you can continue purchasing the unit and enlist the technician’s help in installing them. You’ll realize the many benefits after installing the energy efficient windows at your Flower Mound, TX home. Do you want to purchase or install this type of window at your home? Reach out to us at Energy Windows Solutions today.

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