The Ins And Outs Of Energy Efficient Windows | Southlake, TX

The Ins And Outs Of Energy Efficient Windows | Southlake, TX

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When buying new or replacement energy efficient windows in Southlake, TX, energy conservation is a major concern for the people who live there. When researching windows, there are several energy efficient highlights when you consider cost, energy conservation, convenience and environmental sustainability.

These windows help reduce monthly power bills and enhance the comfort of your home no matter the temperature outside. Poorly insulated windows are drafty, likely because they are old and worn.

Because they leak air and moisture, faulty windows increase energy usage, which leads to inflated energy charges. Not only higher bills, but the heating and cooling system takes a beating, and this could decrease the life of the unit or increase the need for repairs.

Install the right energy efficient windows and they can help deflect heat in the summer and keep heat inside in the winter, maintaining a comfortable home year-round.

What Makes Energy Efficient Windows?

There are several focal points to consider when installing an energy efficient window:

Materials Used in the Frame

They made traditional windows from wood, vinyl, composite, and fiberglass. Maintenance and costs depend on the materials and construction. The materials used to assemble a window frame are essential for maximum energy efficiency.

Double-pane glass works better than single-pane glass when it comes to energy efficient windows. The space between the panes functions as an extra layer of insulation, preventing hot or cold air from entering the home.

Increase the Value of the Home

Replacing outdated windows and upgrading them should increase the value of your home. Window replacement may not be the most obvious home improvement project, but the impact is certainly noticeable.

According to data released in 2018, the national ROI average for wood window replacement is 69.5%. That’s higher than a costly kitchen cabinet renovation or room addition.

Designed for Efficiency

Some window designs are more efficient than others. The most common types of energy efficient windows are:

Double-Hung Windows

You’ll see these traditional units in homes across the country or in buildings constructed before the war. The bottom slides up in double-hung windows. They do a decent job, however, in areas where the temperatures drop below freezing, it will not keep your home as cozy as you may like it.

Casement Windows

You’ll find more of these windows in areas where the wind is a problem. If you’re not familiar with a casement window, these open outwardly and you have to turn a crank to open them. Casement windows are efficient however, the seals and hinges require maintenance.

Picture Windows

These kinds of windows don’t open, but they can be useful. When you think about buying energy efficient windows, consider installation, framework, design, and the type of glass you’ll be using.

Choosing the Right Frame

Wood frames are less efficient than aluminum ones considering metals transfer heat or cold more quickly than wood. But that doesn’t mean either are the best choices for lowering or stabilizing utility bills. There are more materials available now for frames, still, they have their pros and cons. It can be difficult deciding which style you like and have it fit your budget.


Just because a material is not as expensive as the other material doesn’t mean it’s inferior. Vinyl windows can be a sensible choice: manufacturers build them well and often fit most budgets while still providing energy efficiency. One con is that vinyl windows don’t have a lot of color options, therefore, some people use other energy window solutions.


Wood windows are the best value when it comes to insulation, but they need more upkeep than aluminum or vinyl windows. If you live in areas where there’s extreme humidity or wet areas, wood may not be the best choice for energy window solutions. If properly cared for, wood windows will last many years.


While it’s not first on the list of materials for transferring heat or cool air, aluminum windows are sufficient in rainy, humid conditions, and they comply with strict building codes in areas where hurricanes are prevalent.


Wood-clad windows are likely one of the better choices in terms of cost and maintenance. However, in wet climates, you may want to reconsider and use another material. Wood-clad windows are not 100% resistant to water. Therefore, they are prone to rotting. Water generally stands in the jambs and sills. If you’re going to install these windows, use waterproof rubber around the casings and use a sill pan to drain the water. The sill pan will also prevent moisture from intruding inside the home.

Safe From Foul Weather

Energy efficient windows are paramount to lowering energy costs and the life of the materials. You can pour money into upgrading your home with vinyl windows or aluminum ones, but if you underestimate the significance of proper installation, you’ll endure more expense later on.

The most expensive window solutions won’t perform in the way you had hoped. Sealants and foams are good measures, but it doesn’t take the place of properly fitting a window. Make sure workers perform pre-installation and waterproofing techniques before installing windows.

Thanks to modern day technology, today’s solutions to energy efficient windows offer terrific economic relief. Replace worn windows with new ones from Energy Window Solutions. They are certified and up-to-date with the latest technical advancements, bringing homeowners solutions that lower energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions from industrial companies.

Homes could benefit from an upgrade if they were built in 1970 or earlier. There are now several styles, colors, and materials available to choose from, including the type of glass. Energy Window Solutions can help you make an informed decision. With too many options for energy efficient windows, decisions can be difficult but, you don’t have to make it alone. If you live in Southlake, TX, call the staff at Energy Window Solutions today so you can discuss window replacement.