5 Benefits Of Low-E Insulating Film In Energy Efficient Windows | Dallas, TX

5 Benefits Of Low-E Insulating Film In Energy Efficient Windows | Dallas, TX

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Instead of installing energy efficient windows from the get-go, it’s possible to transform regular windows into energy efficient ones on homes by simply installing some type of low-e insulating film.

These window films basically add another layer of insulation to existing windows, so they transform single pane windows to double pane windows or double pane windows the triple pane windows. The film works by either reflecting heat back inside into the room or by preventing it from entering the first place. This way, these films can block out cold from the outside and also prevent air from cooling inside.

30% of the energy used in most homes will actually go straight out through the window. Those who install some type of insulation, like a low-e insulation film, will usually be able to see an energy bill reduction of about 25%. Best of all, these films usually only cost several hundred dollars to install, so they’re definitely worth looking into.

Since low-e insulation window films are quite cheap, you’ll quickly find that you’ll be returning money back into your own pockets throughout the entire year. These window films are able to offer a wide range of benefits, regardless of where you live. We’ll look at some of these benefits in the article below.

#1. Quick Installation

One of the many benefits of Low-E insulating film is that it can be installed on top of any existing window pain. Due to this reason, the installation process is extremely quick and easy. Most home installation jobs can be completed within a day. The contractors will be in and out of your home before you even know it! Your day-to-day life won’t be disrupted at all.

Since low-e insulation films are so easy to install, they are one of the easiest ways to transform regular windows to energy efficient windows. The added insulation will prevent heat from escaping your home, so you’ll save more on your energy bills in the long run.

#2. No Reduction in Visibility

Low-e insulation films do not reduce any disability at all. Even when the films are installed, you’ll notice that the windows are completely clear. The films do not block out any natural light nor do they block any of the views. The room won’t feel darker nor will you feel as if you can’t see anything outside.

In fact, most of the time, you won’t notice that they’re there unless you know what to look for. By installing these window films, you’ll get energy efficient windows without having to compromise on your window visibility.

#3. Provides Added UV Protection

Anyone who lives in Dallas, TX will tell you how wonderful the weather regularly is. Residents here get plenty of sunlight. Although there are many benefits of bathing in the sun every day, the truth of the matter is that the ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun can really damage the interior of your home. For example, you might notice that the sunlight will bleach your carpets or age your furniture.

Another added benefit of installing low-e insulation windows is that you will get added UV protection. The window films will not only make your home a lot more energy efficient, but they’ll also filter out ultraviolet rays, so that they do not enter your home at all.

#4. Can Add Privacy

Depending on what you’re looking for, low-e insulation films can also give energy efficient windows privacy features. For example, they may tint the windows a darker color, so that it’s more difficult for those who are outside from looking inside. Some of the low-e insulation films also have mirroring effects.

Those who are outside will see a mirror-like effect. They’ll only be able to see their own reflection, and they won’t be able to see what’s inside. Those who are inside the home, however, will be able to see outside very clearly. There is no reduction in light or overall view. In fact, from the inside, it’s almost impossible to tell that the energy efficient windows have a mirror-like effect at all.

#5. Glare Reduction

If you live in a sunny climate, you might have a lot of issues with glare from the sun. This is especially true for those who now work from home. The glare from the sun can be really distracting. In fact, some people even find the sun’s glare to be painful.

One of the last benefits that we’ll touch upon is glare reduction. Those who install low-e insulation films to transform their windows into energy efficient windows will often find that there’s a significant difference in overall glare reduction. They’ll be able to look out of the window without having to squint their eyes. This is also why low-e insulation window films are very popular in commercial buildings as well.

Call Energy Window Solutions to Learn More

If you’re interested in installing low-e insulation films to either single pane or double pane windows, give Energy Window Solutions a call. We’re located in Texas, and serve many cities like Dallas, TX. We’ll be able to help you find the most cost-efficient and energy efficient solution possible.

We’ll take a look at the existing layout of your home to see whether you will benefit from installing low-e insulation films. We can also help you figure out whether you should replace any of the existing windows with energy efficient windows. At times, it may be better to install special energy efficient windows, especially if you live in an older home with single pane windows only.

On top of all that, we’ll be able to walk you through every step and process, so you know exactly what to expect at all times. We’ll help you get energy efficient windows that will help you save a lot of money in the long run. You’ll notice a huge difference, and you’ll also be able to point out these features in the future if you plan on selling your place.