The Myths About Replacement Windows in Flower Mound

The Myths About Replacement Windows in Flower Mound

Homeowners usually don’t think about replacing their windows unless they are broken. Windows play a critical role in our homes. They maintain a comfortable temperature inside our homes by allowing sunlight in and trapping heat during winters.  When you have installed the right windows, it helps to lower the utility bills while keeping your family comfortable.

However, when it’s time to replace your old windows, there are several myths that homeowners continue to fall for. This usually leads them to end up with expansive or even wrong windows.

So what are these myths associated with replacement windows?Let’s find out!

Myth #1 – Windows Should Be Airtight

Windows usually have vents which prove that they don’t need to be airtight. In fact, windows need room to breathe. Considering this, windows should never be cleanedby spraying them with a garden hose, especially from the ground level. This can allow water to get inside the vents and can create a huge mess inside. This may also lead to issues like mold and mildew which eventually lead to other more severe problems.

Some of the common signs of windows with plugged or clogged vents include;

  • Windows with peeling paint
  • Condensation on the inside or between the windows, in terms of double painted glass windows
  • Foggy mirrors
  • Mildew

As per the professionals of replacement windows in Flower Mound, all of these are strong signs of windows in a house that cannot breathe properly. When you buy new windows which combat condensation and mildew problems, they have a ‘condensation resistance’ rating. These ratings range between 0 – 100. The higher the number, the better it reflects condensation resistance.

Myth #2 – Unbelievably Low Cost

The real cost of replacement windows in Flower Mound should take efficiency into consideration. Being a consumer, you should learn to ignore the upfront cost if you have a better understanding of the overall costs.

In case it costs more to keep a house heated or cooled, then this is a cost that must be included in the replacement windows cost. Low glass windows and double-pane windows are quite famous for saving money on utilities. The coating on these windows protects the house from UV rays that are not only dangerous for skin but can also fade carpets and damage furniture.  Therefore, Low-Ewindows are best for keeping your house warmer during the winter by reflecting some amount of light in the house, as well as keeping it cooler during the summer by reflecting light back outside.

Myth #3 – Low-E Glass and Heat Shrink Window Film Works Similar

On a window, heat shrink film is an eyesore. It usually has debris and puts air pockets on the window. Windows which are made to be efficient contain a proper coating in between the panes. This reduces the cost of heat up to 50% and lowers the U-factor.

Triple pane windows are even more energy efficient as these windows are built using gases between the panes which assist with proper insulation. As per the National Fenestration Rating Council, all the new windows must come with a proper sticker that would inform the buyer about its energy efficiency rating.  This information helps the homeowners to evaluate the amount of energy that a new window is likely to cost once installed.

Myth #5 – All Window Frames are Equal

The frame of windows or replacement windows in Flower Mound can affect the efficiency of a window in many ways:

  • Aluminum windows are cheaper and lighter but they also conduct heat and considered as poor insulators.
  • Wood frames are best insulators and also look great; however, if moisture gets in these frames, they gradually rot even if they are made of treated lumber and cedar.
  • They should be sealed and caulked with gaskets.
  • Corners should be sealed.
  • Wooden frames should be properly checked in order to ensure moisture doesn’t get behind or in them.
  • Vinyl frames are another great choice. They also come with a UV stabilizer that stops the sun damage and have good thermal performance ratings.

Myth #6 – Anyone Can Install the Replacement Windows in Flower Mound

Many homeowners believe that windows installation is a simple job that can be done by any professional. If you believe in this as well, then you must know that even triple pained windows, which are the best kind, cannot do their job unless they are correctly installed. Every professional window installer knows how many factors they need to consider for windows to be properly insulated and shimmed.

A professional insulator understands how to put the existing trim to work, if the trim also needs to be replaced or how to get the best value from the replacement windows in Flower Mound.

Myth #7 – Windows with an FERC Sticker are Energy Efficient

No doubt the most of the information that you need before purchasing replacement windows in Flower Mound are available on the NFRC sticker. This performance sticker means that these windows are rated. However, they don’t necessarily tell you everything about windows’ energy efficiency. For instance, if you want to receive a tax credit for the installation of new replacement windows in Flower Mound, the NFRC rating must be equal to less than 3.

However, even the windows with higher numbers may probably have the sticker on it. The Energy Star sticker on windows shows that the windows properly meet all the government standards in terms of energy efficiency. Indeed, the sticker is highly useful. However, just because any window has a sticker, it doesn’t mean that it is a good window for installation.

The Bottom Line

All the above-mentioned myths are the ones homeowners usually fall for. That is whyit is important to take experts’ opinion before you decide to purchase replacement windows in Flower Mound. Also, always hire the right professionals like Energy Window Solutions for the installation of windows. You can contact their team of professionals by dialing their 24/7 helpline number.