The Pros and Cons of Multi-paned Window Replacement | House Windows in Flower Mound

The Pros and Cons of Multi-paned Window Replacement | House Windows in Flower Mound

Double pane or Triple pane windows have become the norm in house insulation. They provide great access to sunlight without the caveat of having to lose or gain heat. Since heat loss attributed to windows in the average American home is about 25% of the annual heating and cooling costs (according to the department of Energy), they are a welcome addition to the home. They make your heating bills and electric bills a little bit easier to pay and they allow for your home to become the micro climate environment that you always wanted. With multi-pane windows you don’t need to put the AC on full blast or turn the heat up all the way in the winter. All in all, they’re a great investment. However, like any House Windows in Flower Mound they also have their caveats and trade-offs which are different depending on the season, the house’s location, the pricing or the materials that they’re made of.

Double Paned Windows

These House Windows in Flower Mound are made with two sheets of glass instead of just one and spaced out just enough to provide increased insulation. The air between the two panes is either removed or the space is filled with insulating gas such as argon.  There are a lot of benefits to having double paned windows in the home.

This includes saving money on heating and cooling bills of course. It is estimated that a double paned window with a wooden frame can save 24% of the energy used in the house in the winter and 18% of the energy used during the summer. This is in comparison to older, single pane models of course.

When other technologies are added to the mix such as special coatings and special sealing techniques, there is an even greater percentage you can save on energy bills. Estimates vary from 30 to 50 percent between low efficiency and high efficiency models.

These House Windows, in Flower Mound, are also great for the environment since they save you from burning more and more fossil fuels for energy. This equals fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Another great reason to get these double paned windows is that they can provide you with soundproofing as well, or at least partial noise reduction. This is especially useful if you live in the city and around a noisy neighborhood near hotels or restaurants etc. They’ll make your home in to a quiet corner of the world and provide the comfort and peace that you require to think and relax after a hard day’s work.

Now the cons of the double paned windows are not numerous but there are a few. They usually pertain to improper installation of House Windows in Flower Mound and subpar quality that you have to deal with if you’re buying from an unlicensed dealer or an unverified source. Remember, you have to trade in quality if you’re buying cheap products.

One con of buying double pane windows is that they don’t really work until you get them installed all over the house. If you’re installing one double paned window in one corner of a home, don’t expect to have the entire house insulated. It doesn’t work that way.

Also, if you’re looking to buy House Windows in Flower Mound don’t buy from a non-trustworthy source or you’ll end up paying much more to fix what wasn’t broken.

Triple Pane Windows in Flower Mound

These windows double down on the concept of insulation and add a third sheet of glass to further insulate the home in which they are installed. These are usually installed in very harsh, cold climates and seek to keep in as much of the heat that is generated in the home. They’re very useful in places like Greenland, Iceland, Canada, and North China etc.

Triple Pane Windows in Flower Mound, are covered with Low-E coating which can be thought of as invisible insulation. It’s just a micro coating on the panes of glass that blocks heat loss through the windows while allowing the sun’s heat inside. So it’s a two for one for cold climates. They also do a great job of blocking the harmful ultraviolet radiation in the sun’s rays and keep the inhabitants of the home safe.

The panes of Triple Pane Windows in Flower Mound are filled with Argon or Krypton gas, which is pretty standard for multi-paned windows. These gases are inert and conduct heat 50% less than air. Since triple pane windows have a greater amount of gas trapped between the panes, they are better at insulating heat.

In fact, all of the effects of a double paned window are compounded with Triple Pane Windows in Flower Mound. There’s a 20% improvement in the ER rating of a triple paned glass window from a double paned glass window, and the effect of the Low-E coating in the triple paned window is improved by 35%. And of course, these triple paned windows also have greater sound proofing; very effective if you want to keep the noise out.

There are also some advantages like reducing condensation during heavy rains. You know that fog you get on the windows during stormy weather that you have to keep wiping off, that’s practically not an issue with triple pane windows.

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