The Top Reasons Homeowners Are Now Opting For Triple Pane Windows | Fort Worth, TX

The Top Reasons Homeowners Are Now Opting For Triple Pane Windows | Fort Worth, TX

While windows are an integral component of a home’s structure, they are a leading cause of energy loss in enclosed spaces. A recent research study shows that with improved, more efficient building technologies, home energy use in the United States could be reduced by more than 20 percent by 2030. Consequently, homeowners will save more on their electrical bills.

Windows affect your home’s energy efficiency and thermal performance, and with the triple pane window technology, you are assured of that. This invention has shown a significant difference from the windows of earlier generations, which comprised single-and double-panes.

The downside of triple pane windows is that they weigh more because of the extra glass. Therefore, it’s necessary to have a professional install them correctly. Also, these windows are relatively expensive due to the complex process involved in their manufacture.

Thus, they must be fixed diligently. Despite all these, the advantages of triple pane windows outweigh by far those of standard windows. Below are the top reasons triple pane has become increasingly popular in most homes in Fort Worth, TX.

Increases Home Value

If you’re planning on staying in your current home for a long time or even if you are looking to sell it out, going for triple pane windows will see a return on your investment. Installing energy-efficient windows will increase the potential for a quick sale of your home.

These windows also make your house comfortable. If you’re planning on selling it in the future, you can mount these windows in your condo or apartment to give you a competitive edge.

Lowers Your Energy Bill

Another great benefit of the triple pane window variety is that they lower your utility bills to a great extent. If you switch from the outdated windows, you will experience huge money savings resulting from energy savings.

Triple pane windows help keep the internal temperature stable and climate regulation easier. Hence, your air conditioner doesn’t have to consume more energy to keep the home cool. This translates to less maintenance and long-lasting equipment, leading to long-term savings.

Security and Safety

The old windows can be quite inconvenient during the humid summer months as they may fail to open easily. This can be a hazard to your security in a state of emergency, such as a fire outbreak.

On the contrary, newer windows are designed to open easily and have improved functionality compared to the old models. They are also worth the investment, especially those with sensors fitted on them to prevent unauthorized access to your property.

Undoubtedly, most homeowners are upgrading to triple pane for the peace of mind they get to experience.

Noise Reduction

The triple pane windows have gas fills between them to minimize heat transfer and are insulated to help block outside noises.

Fort Worth, TX, is surrounded by sound from busy roads and construction sites. Single or double pane windows will let this noise disturb your home’s peaceful ambiance, but triple pane will ensure, that homes are kept quiet. With the reduction of exterior noise pollution, you will be able to sleep better. Hence, an improvement in your overall health.

Reduces Allergens and Dust In the House

Windows are covered with shades, blinds, and curtains for protection and privacy. These coverings, however, catch dust and allergens such as pollen, which can be hard to clean. Also, removing them compromises your security.

On the other hand, triple pane windows have styles with blinds within the panes of glass, making it easy to clean external fittings.

These innovative window options increase the humidity levels in the house. Low humidity can cause germs, bacteria, and viruses to thrive. But when there are adequate humidity levels in the home, these allergens are trapped in the air where you could potentially breathe them.

UV Protection

Although a certain amount of sunlight is essential for our bodies, the scorching sun during the summer seasons can cause serious health problems, which can be fatal. Again, the long-term UV exposure to your home could fade and damage your furniture and interior decors.

To avoid all that, you could install the triple pane windows as they are fitted with protective layers for added protection.

Improved Comfort

Homes with older windows tend to have hotter spots and drafts, resulting in some rooms being overheated while others are perfectly comfortable. On the contrary, triple pane help eliminate the damp or breezy air spots resulting from air leakage.

With these new window options, the home’s temperature is well controlled to ensure stability, and less air exchange makes your HVAC systems work correctly. This is a good reason why homeowners are going for triple pane windows instead of conventional ones.

Improves Your Home Curb Appeal

Triple pane window technologies are available in various styles to complement your home’s outlook. They include sliding or double-hung windows. Plus, others come with decorative glass options, which can be sourced within retail shops.

They Are More Durable

Compared to the traditional models, these windows are more durable, especially those made of vinyl or fiberglass. They are less likely to peel, warp, or chip in severe or harsh weather conditions, creating a beautiful window for a long time.

Energy-Efficient Window Dealers

Should you seek window installations, repairs, or replacement, you can contact Energy Window Solutions, an industry-leading window provider in Fort Worth, TX. Our products are in line with the government standards and built to improve thermal conductivity for energy saving and the comfort of your home.

We have distinguished ourselves in the fenestration industry, providing energy star, slimline, Rehau, and triple pane windows. Most importantly, we delight in giving our customers the best. We also offer an aftercare service. For any concerns, call us today, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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