Tips from Your Trusted Window Installation Service On Picking Shutters, Blinds, And Shades | Dallas, TX

Tips from Your Trusted Window Installation Service On Picking Shutters, Blinds, And Shades | Dallas, TX

Blind and shades are the most common forms of window treatment. With their ability to control the amount of light in the rooms and maintain privacy while still giving your house a stylish and elegant décor, they are certainly gaining ground as a substitute for curtains and drapes.

The right window shades or blinds can enhance your home’s overall look. With various shades and blinds on the market today, choosing the right one for your room can be a bit challenging. To help you make this decision, below are some factors to consider when selecting window treatments.

But, for an amazing experience with your window coverings, you should consider hiring the services of a professional window installation service provider to give your home in Dallas, TX, a touch of elegance and sophistication.

What’s Your Budget?

Quality window shades and blinds tend to be a bit costly, but no amount of money compares to the sight of a well-decorated room. Based on your budget, you can request your vendor for window shades and blinds within a price range you can afford.

In case your budget is unlimited, you may decide on custom-made blinds and shades that are motorized, but if you’re working with a specific budget, the ready-made shade and vinyl blinds would be the better choice since they are less expensive.

When planning your budget, you should also consider the cost of hiring a window installation service company to install the shades and blinds.


There are various fabrics for window shades and blinds in the market today. The most common material is the sheer, which allows natural light to come inside your home while providing the privacy you need.

Other options available for homeowners include blackout and room-darkening shades that are ideal for bedrooms, home theaters, and media rooms since they block light completely.

Cleaning Requirement

Window blinds attract a lot of dust; hence, they demand frequent attention. Meanwhile, shades with textured fabrics are good at hiding dust and require you to seek professional cleaning from a window installation service company or vacuum cleaning.

Light and Privacy

You may like your room being bright and airy or even darker. Luckily, shades come in fabric conditions, either room darkening or light filtering, which give you control over the brightness in your room.

Before picking a blind or shade, determine the light required in the specific room. For instance, bedrooms require less light for a comfortable sleep, while kitchens require more light.

It is best to consider the direction the window of the room you want to install the shade or blind is facing. Is it meeting the source of light in the house or not? It is well advised to seek advice from a professional window installation service technician if you are unsure.

Your Decorating Style

Is your home decor formal or casual? Or even chic? Your choices of window shades should blend with the decorations in your room for a perfect outcome. Window blinds and shades come in numerous colors.

It would be best if you considered using bold colors to add sheer vibrancy to your room. However, for homeowners with rooms decorated in neutral and earthy colors, shades and blinds with subtle colors would work wonders for your space. Also, you should consider if you like corded or streamlined cordless window shades and blinds for your room.


You can have your window installation services provider install your window shades differently. For instance, you may prefer them mounted on the side of your window frame. Sometimes, you may request a window installation service company to mount window shades outside your window or use tension rods to install them.

Features and Functionality

When selecting window shades for your home, consider the functionality and features. Technology has enabled new, improved window trends to come to the market. For instance, there are brilliant shades that you can program to open and close automatically based on the temperatures and time of the day.

Also, the motorized shades can be controlled by a smartphone or remote. Homeowners in Dallas, TX, should consider the latest features when choosing window shades.


Do you have children or pets? If yes, you should opt for the best blinds and shades on the market. The cordless blinds and shades are the safest window treatment option.

These window shades have no pull cords, unlike the corded ones, which could threaten your kids if tangled in them. You may consult a window installation services technician to ensure your kids or pets are safe.

Window Measurements

Knowing the right size of your window makes it easier to choose the right window shade or blind for your home. Before visiting your vendor, you should measure your window from top to bottom, excluding the decorations.

If unsure of what to exclude or include in your measurements, seek professional help from a window installation service professional. You will likely buy the wrong size shades and blinds for your windows with improper measurements.


Some homeowners prefer window shades and blinds that add elegance to their interior décor, while others want to boost the functionality of their homes. Based on your lifestyle, you can know what kind of blinds and shades you need the most in your home.

Do you want something stylish or private or one that controls the light in your home? These questions will help you choose the right window shade and blind for your home.

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