Top Considerations Before Buying Energy Efficient Windows in Flower Mound

Top Considerations Before Buying Energy Efficient Windows in Flower Mound

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Energy efficient windows allow you to regulate temperature within your home and help you make your space cooler at the peak of summer. The right windows in Flower Mound will allow sunlight but will also block heat from entering your home.

Getting energy efficient windows in Flower Mound helps homeowners to save energy and money in air conditioning. However, getting the right kinds of windows in Dallas is not easy.

In this article, we will discuss what you should consider when looking for an energy efficient house window that’s compatible with the Dallas climate.

Selecting Window Frames

Your choice of window frames will have a great impact on how energy efficient your windows in Flower Mound will be. The frames of your window can comprise of several different materials. These elements may include fiberglass, vinyl, aluminum, or wood.

Most people consider aluminum frames when they are thinking of getting windows for their house. Though they are popular in modern construction, they are not much efficient in conserving energy.

In retrospect, fiberglass frames are better than aluminum in terms of efficiency. Wood and Vinyl, on the other hand, are far more efficient than typical frames. However, wooden frames are costlier than vinyl frames, which makes vinyl frames the best option for windows in Flower Mound, especially during the summer season.

Window Glasses for Energy Efficiency

Glasses are also an essential component for energy efficient windows in Flower Mound. As a matter of fact, it has a central role in regulating temperature. The glass pane is the largest part of your window and contributes to energy efficiency the most.

You should consider the following three factors while choosing which type of glass will be ideal for you:

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)

The Solar Heat Gain Coefficient or SHGC is the amount of solar heat that can pass through the glass. Experts recommend people to choose windows that have the least SHGC if they are living in a place that has hot weather every now and then.

Having a low SHGC means that these glasses will allow a lesser fraction of solar heat into your house. This means that it minimizes the effect of solar heat on your home’s HVAC cooling and eventually, it will help you in cutting air-conditioning bills. To make sure that your windows in Flower Mound do well in a hot climate, choose glasses with SHGC below 0.40.

Visible transmission (VT)

VT represents the portion of sunlight that can infiltrate your home through the window glass. Glasses that have high VT value allow more daylight into the house.

These window glasses help in minimizing the use of lights during the day and therefore help homeowners save energy. Experts recommend choosing windows that have VT value 60 to 80 percent if you want to have energy efficient windows in Flower Mound.


U-Value tells us how much heat will get inside your home window in Dallas due to natural phenomena such as radiation, conduction, and convection. A low U-value suggests that the heat flow through the glass will also be low.

However, this doesn’t apply to only hot climates as it works both ways. When the UV value of a certain material is low, it means that the heat would neither enter from outside, nor it will go from inside to outside. As a result, it’s ideal to choose a window with low U-value regardless of what kind of weather your area has. Therefore, we will also recommend choosing glass with low U-value for your windows in Flower Mound.

Use of Multi-Pane Glasses

As most of us know by now, single-paned glass windows are the least efficient kinds of windows in Flower Mound. Many people have stopped using these windows completely as they waste energy and make your HVAC system work harder.

Experts recommend using either double pane or triple pane windows in Flower Mound to make sure that there isn’t any unnecessary loss of energy. These specialized windows have a small vacuum in between the panes inside the window. This extra vacuum space provides an extra layer of insulation which prevents heat from escaping the window.

As a result, it’s difficult for heat to radiate into your home from outside. However, the vacuum between these windows has to be perfect to ensure that energy efficiency remains optimal. This means that the glass of these windows has to be thick.

However, there is another technique to make these windows, even more energy efficient. Some manufacturers insert specialized gases inside these vacuum spaces. These gases act as special insulators that outperform air in blocking heat transfer.

On most occasions, manufacturers use noble gases because of their ability to insulate heat. The most used gas in this regard is Argon. Manufacturers prefer it due to its high efficiency and affordability. These manufacturers choose Krypton for windows in Flower Mound that have thin glasses. On the other hand, these use Xenon rarely due to their high cost.


Windows in Flower Mound are essential for keeping the unknown out and maintaining a comfortable environment inside your home. If you need the best windows in Flower Mound, you should only trust an experienced window contractor to suggest the best fit for your home.

Energy window solutions have years of experience in providing long-lasting window solutions for residents of Dallas. They are your best bet when it comes to finding the perfect windows in Flower Mound.

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