Top Eight Signs You Need New Windows In Your Home | Perception From Your Professional Window Installers in Colleyville, TX

Top Eight Signs You Need New Windows In Your Home | Perception From Your Professional Window Installers in Colleyville, TX

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Windows play a vital role in homes. They improve the energy efficiency, give an overall attractive appearance, and increase the amount of natural light. When the windows sustain damages, the overall comfort of the house gets disturbed, and it may even become a security threat. Seasoned window installers will tell you that quality and well-installed windows can last for about 20 years and more. However, due to some factors, including weather conditions and maintenance, they tend to develop problems and wear and tear over time.

Home improvement projects such as window replacement and repairs require prior financial planning, as they are quite costly and time-consuming. It is therefore crucial for homeowners to be able to identify damages and know when the windows need replacement. Below are some common signs that should prompt you to contact your local window installers.

High-energy bills

Heating and cooling bills account for about 40 percent of the total household utility bills. According to, old or damaged windows can increase the energy bills by 10 to 25 percent. Heating and cooling bills tend to rise during winter and summer. A well-designed window ought to have a foam-insulating core that keeps cold and heat in check during extreme seasons. Due to the lack of proper insulation, the furnaces and air conditioners of homes with older windows tend to work harder and waste a lot of energy, which translates to higher utility bills.

New windows are designed in a way that air transferring in and out of the home is well regulated and balanced. Replacing old or damaged windows with new energy-efficient ones can result in substantial savings in your energy costs. It can also be a big selling point if you are listing your home for sale. Whenever you notice the home’s energy bills are increasing consistently, likely, the windows are not functioning optimally. Such homeowners should consider hiring professional window installers for a new set of windows.


Noise pollution is a common problem in homes located in urban areas or busy neighborhoods. Sounds such as highway traffic, loud neighbors, and blasting music from next-door can distract the peace at your home and daily activities, especially if you have a toddler sleeping or you work from home. While you cannot control the amount of noise outside your residence, you can block or create a barrier in your home by contacting seasoned installers to fix soundproof windows.

Windows with thick and double- or triple-pane glass insulated with Argon or Krypton gas decreases outdoor noise and provides enough acoustic insulation, which absorbs sound waves before they enter the home. If you hear the outside noise when your windows are closed, it is time to get new windows. Professional window installers will guide you on the best window system for your premises and replace or install them accordingly.


Another signal that you should get window installers to replace your windows is if you regularly see fog building up on the windows. You could find that to be of no concern at first as it means the windows are doing their job of holding heat within the house. However, it is paramount to understand what kind of condensation in terms of which parts it occurs to determine what you are dealing with. Windowpanes are generally the coldest within the interior space due to their contact with the outside coldness. That makes them the most prevalent spots for condensation.

Condensation between the two panes of glass results from failing window seals, and it occurs when insulating gas evaporates and allows humid air to leak hence creating the fog. It is critical for homeowners in Colleyville, TX, to understand where the moisture is coming from and how to reduce it. If you notice a lot of condensation on the windows, it is time to replace them before they get too leaky. Trained window installers can detect any form of condensation and offer permanent solutions, including repair and replacement.

Damaged, warped, and broken windows

Windows are among the most ignored and neglected parts in homes. Like any other part of the house, they are prone to wear and tear and damage over time. If the damage is minor such as an issue warranting the need for new hardware, a repair is the best option. However, damaged, broken, or warped windows require immediate replacement as they compromise the efficiency of siding, insulation, and air conditioning. Additionally, the cracks can make the home look unattractive and let in small insects that reduce coziness, and so the property can lose its value.

But what causes window damages? An incorrectly installed window is prone to destruction in comparison to a well-installed window. Also, the lack of regular maintenance can result in damages and costly repairs in the long run. Homeowners need to keep watch for any damages and seek immediate help from the experts. You should hire professional window installers to replace any damaged or warped windows with new and efficient ones.

Difficulty in opening, closing, and locking windows

A well-designed and installed window should open and close effortlessly. However, that is not always the case after a while. Over time, windows tend to develop balance issues, requiring a bit of pressure to open or close. The significant cause of that problem is the buildup of dust, debris, and dirt that results in extra friction. Homeowners can try to fix the problem by regularly cleaning windows and spraying with lubricants to minimize the friction. However, if the problem persists, it is time to contact your local window installer for an expert evaluation.

Additionally, rusty or rotten windows become difficult to open and close, and they need immediate replacement by a professional. If opening your home windows feels like an exercise or a chore, it is time to replace them. Why not seek help from expert window installers and get the ideal windows for your home?

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Windows are a good investment since they significantly improve the value of your home and the overall appearance of your property. Window renovation is a rewarding project in the long run, so go for quality products and a reputable company like Energy Window Solutions for your window replacement needs. We provide high-quality window installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement services in the greater Colleyville, TX, area. Our window installers are well-trained and utilize advanced techniques during the installation and repair process. Make sure you give us a call for all your window needs.