Why Homeowners Prefer Wooden Window Frames For Their Energy Efficient Windows | Southlake, TX

Why Homeowners Prefer Wooden Window Frames For Their Energy Efficient Windows | Southlake, TX

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When buying energy efficient windows, homeowners in Southlake, TX, consider the window frames suitable for their home. If you have an old house planning to upgrade the windows or a contemporary new building, you need the best window framing material.

There are a variety of materials in the market, including fiberglass, vinyl, aluminum-clad, and wood, that can fit your style and preference. Most residential property owners prefer wooden frames for their homes because of the following reasons.

Highly Customizable

The first reason why wooden frames are the most common choice for people in Southlake, TX, is their potential to customize them into any style. The high customization opportunities of wooden windows give folks a blank canvas for creating the windows they want in their home.

They can hire a window specialist to paint the wooden frames in any color to give them a refreshing look to blend with your interior décor and exterior home arrangement.

So, homeowners that desire to come up with unique energy efficient windows that will be the center of attraction in the neighborhood should use wooden frames in their home and hire a creative window installation expert.


Wood species have different grain patterns, textures, and unique colors that give your home a unique look. For instance, a window expert can recommend using pine wood, softwood with frequent dark knots, straight grains, and dark lines for framing your energy efficient windows to get a casual look and a rustic style.

Another option is a mahogany wood, durable and strong hardwood that can make exterior window frames. Window specialists can also use diverse finishes and protective coatings to make the wood window frames unique and stylish. So, with the wide variety of wood types for framing, you can select wood with the pattern, strength, and beauty, satisfying your sense of style, taste, and preference.


Residential property owners also prefer wooden frames because of their durability compared to other materials. If a window technician correctly installs your windows using mahogany wood, they will last for long without wrapping or cracking like the vinyl frames. Wood is resistant to hot and cold weather because they don’t contract or expand with temperature changes.

Wooden frames provide adequate sealing to the double or triple glazing of your windows, reducing the possibility of air leakage, thus lowering your utility bills. It is worth noting that wooden windows can last a lifetime with proper and routine maintenance by qualified window professionals.

Ease of Maintenance

Most homeowners prefer wooden window frames for their energy efficient windows because they are easy to maintain, sustaining them for many years. The window frames need proper sealing to reduce the infestation of pests that can damage the wood.

High-quality woods have long-lasting sealants that make them easy to clean using a soft cloth and household soap. You can hire a reputable window installation company with expertise in energy efficient windows for after-care services of your wooden frames and sashes twice annually to retain the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Superior Insulation

Another reason why residential property owners love wooden frames is the natural insulation features they possess. Wooden frames combined with energy efficient windows with two or three glazing options guarantee you and your family comfort during the cold and hot seasons.

Window experts use wood dried in protected space to reduce the possibility of contraction or expansion of the window frames after installation because wet wood creates air spaces that leaks out heat. Using wood that is not well dried increases temperature-related discomfort in the rooms.

For better insulation, professionals use dry wood, which does not cause air drafts and minimizes air leakage reducing heating and cooling requirements in a home. Most manufacturers use their knowledge of wood shrinkage to dry wood before installing these windows in homes for maximum insulation and thermal resistance.

Noise Resistant

People living near high traffic areas, construction sites, and air stripes consider noise reduction as a primary feature in the windows they want. They prefer energy efficient windows with more than three glass panes, greater space between the sheets filled with heavy gases such as argon, and wooden frames for higher insulation to reduce noise transmission.

Noise pollution from cars, aircraft, drilling, construction, and mining sites leads to stress and lack of enough sleep, a health hazard that can shorten life. The secret to effective control of noise intrusion in your home is the accurate and correct installation of wooden windows.

Correctly sealing the wooden frames and the window glazing makes all the difference in reducing the amount of noise infiltrating a home.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Most environmentalists prefer going green and using materials that are environmentally conscious for the construction of their homes. They love wood window frames because they are the best eco-friendly option for the installation of their energy efficient windows.

Timber is preferable to most construction materials because of its sustainability and the reduction of emissions that pose a threat to the environment.

Value Addition

Wooden window frames are a better option for most residential property owners because they are worth the investment. The wood windows have different styles, sizes, and glazing technologies, making them energy efficient, an attractive feature for most potential buyers. The windows are also plain beautiful, which is an attribute that contributes to the cost of the house.

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Wooden window frames are without a shred of doubt the best because of their durability, beauty, and highly customizable opportunities. They are also the best option to use when installing energy efficient windows in your home due to their high insulation abilities that prevent heat loss and gain, reducing your energy bills.

So, if you are looking for the best window installation service providers in Southlake, TX, to install your new windows with wooden frames, reach out to Energy Window Solutions.

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