Why You Want Triple Pane Windows | Dallas, TX

Why You Want Triple Pane Windows | Dallas, TX

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If you’re looking at new windows for your home you want to make sure that you get high quality ones. If you live in Dallas, TX, that means making sure you have windows that aren’t going to let in too much sunlight or too much heat. After all, both of those things can definitely make it harder for you to enjoy yourself in your home. But just why are efficient so important to have? And what can happen if you don’t have triple pane windows in your home?

Sun Damage

If you don’t have triple pane windows you may find yourself with damage to any of the items inside your home. That’s because sunlight can get through single and sometimes even double pane windows. When that sunlight gets through it starts to wear away at just about everything it touches. Couches and other furniture, rugs, clothes and even wood can be damaged if sunlight shines on them for too long without the right type of protection. And that means you’ll need to replace all of those things more frequently (or they won’t look very good).

With these windows you’re going to have multiple layers of protection between the items in your house and the sun. That’s true even when you have your curtains wide open and the sun is shining bright (like it does often in Dallas, TX). You can enjoy the light of the sun and the brightness through your entire home without having to worry about what it’s doing to the items you own.

Increased Heat

When you have less than triple pane windows you’re also going to have the chance of heat getting into your home. When the weather outside is hot and the sun is shining you want your home to be as airtight as possible. That means the heat outside stays outside and the cool air inside stays inside. But if you don’t have these windows that might not happen, because the windows are a weak spot that lets heat and sunlight get through.

Even when it’s not hot outside, if the sun is shining bright and you don’t have triple pane windows it can heat things up inside your home. And when it does you’ll end up paying more for cooling. That’s because your home gets warmer and your thermostat reading goes up. So your air conditioning system will turn on to try and counter the added temperature. And because the sun keeps shining in or the heat keeps seeping in the air conditioner isn’t able to keep the temperature down. So it keeps cycling on and on again and again.

That means you end up spending a whole lot more on your cooling bills than you want. And your home still might not be the comfortable temperature that you want it to be because of that heat that keeps coming in. This is especially true in areas around the windows where you’ll definitely feel the difference in temperature.

Increased Cooling

When the temperature gets cold you may start to notice that the costs are definitely higher in your home as well. That’s because cold air can also seep through your windows if they don’t have enough layers of protection. And when that happens you’re going to have higher heating costs because the cool air decreases the temperature in your home and then your heater attempts to take care of it by running even more frequently. That’s another way that your windows are costing you.

Whether the temperature outside is colder than your home or warmer than your home, you’re paying a whole lot of money just to try and keep your house comfortable. And you pay that money every month. Or you could just upgrade to triple pane windows and save your money and your home.

Hot Spots/Cool Spots

Just like in the summer when heat can creep in, without triple pane windows you could also have cold spots in the colder months. That’s because your windows aren’t keeping the air from outside of the house. They don’t have enough of a barrier to provide that protection and so you end up with cold or hot spots right next to those windows. And no matter what your HVAC system tries to do it just can’t keep the entire house at the temperature that you want it to be.

But your system will still try. Which means your heat or your air conditioning is going to be running even more frequently. And you’re going to spend more money trying to keep it at the right temperature. But even though you’re spending more for energy costs you’re still going to have those hot and cold spots, which definitely aren’t going to be comfortable for your family. Instead, you could just get triple pane windows that can keep your whole home snug and tight.

Getting It Fixed

When you have single or double pane windows in your home you’re definitely not optimizing your home. After all, you want your house to be comfortable and you want to be able to sit anywhere in the house and feel great, right? But that’s not going to happen if you don’t have triple pane windows. You’re going to be missing out on some of the great parts of your house and that’s definitely going to cost you money and enjoyment. Why would you want to deal with that?

When you can get everything fixed quickly and easily that’s exactly what you’re going to want to do. Make sure that you call Energy Window Solutions. We can take care of your triple pane windows in no time. Whether you need repairs, replacement or new windows installed, we can help you pick out exactly what you need to start enjoying your home again. And to make sure that your entire house is as energy efficient as possible. With our team of quick and certified consultants and installers, you’re going to have a great looking (and feeling) house in no time.