Window Installation Service 101: How To Choose The Right Window For Your Home | Dallas, TX

Window Installation Service 101: How To Choose The Right Window For Your Home | Dallas, TX

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As a homeowner in Dallas, TX, getting your windows right is crucial. Not only will you live comfortably in your home, but your house’s value will also increase in the long term. However, the process of choosing the best window for your home may prove daunting given the many options available.

You can get lost in the technical terms involved, the endless customization options, the new innovative features, and the many styles of window products. In addition, getting the right window installation service provider is quite vital for a professional finish. This guide will give you the essential information you need to make the right choice for your home. Read on to find out more.

Replace or Repair

The decision to replace or repair comes down to evaluating the cost-effectiveness of either. It might make more sense to repair a troublesome window, given that window replacement is a considerable investment.

But if you are finding it hard to choose whether your windows need to be replaced or repaired, it will be wise to contact a window installation service provider to assess the state of the windows for you.

Benefits of Getting Your Windows Replaced

Today’s range of window products comes with the benefit of recent improvements in material technology. Therefore, a window installation service for your home comes with a range of benefits which include and are not restricted to;

  • High energy efficiency: Old, deteriorating windows are poor in keeping heat within the house. This leads to an increase in utility bills, which a window installation company can remedy. Such a change is estimated to provide you with savings of up to 20 percent, making it a worthwhile investment in the long run.


  • Improved appearance: Older windows usually have scratches and are foggy, making them unattractive. In most cases, they are out of style and unpleasant. Having a window installation service will keep your home looking modern and complement your home’s interior decor.


  • Indoor Comfort: New windows will eliminate energy losses and keep your indoor environment comfortable.


  • Noise Reduction: New windows, especially double-pane and triple-pane windows, are good noise reducers. A perfect installation of these windows will give your home a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere.

A Breakdown of Window Style, Design and Materials

The perfect set of windows for your home will be a combination of various elements. These include the glass itself, the materials within which it will be framed, and the style and designs they will be assembled.


Glass is the centerpiece when it comes to a window installation service. The choice of the right set of glass for your home is a factor of cost and the kind of features you would want them to have.

  • Safety Glass: Safety glass or tempered glass can break into tiny pieces of glass instead of big, dangerous pieces. Tempered glass is a requirement in the building code of Dallas. It is required that windows and sidelights within 24 inches of a door must use tempered glass.


  • Low E-Glass: “Low-E” stands for low-emissivity. It’s a lining of microscopic metal that reflects away light. This feature helps reduce energy costs by keeping the home cool in summer and warm in winter.


  • Double-pane: Double-pane windows have two panels of glass instead of one. In between the two panes is Argon or Krypton, or a combination of both, or air. This type of glass is a good insulator and helps in noise reduction. If you live in neighborhoods in Dallas, TX, prone to noise, a window installation service of this type will be great for you.


  • Triple-Pane: Triple-pane windows offer more excellent insulation and noise protection compared to double-pane windows. They provide a more comfortable home environment and offers more savings on energy utility bills.

Coatings, Reflective Films, and Tints

Window installation service providers can add these features to improve the performance of windows.

Reflective Films

Reflective films block most of the solar radiation, keeping the interior of your home cooler. However, they keep the house dimmer, and thus you will need to use more lighting features. They usually give windows a mirror-like appearance.

Tinted Glass

The tinted glass reflects solar radiation without impacting visible light as much as compared to reflective films.

Low-E Coatings

Low e-coatings allow much more light as compared to the previous two. They consist of metal oxide particles or microscopic metals formulated to allow a bit of solar radiation to get in. It also prevents heat from inside the house from escaping the house.

This feature ensures that excess heat is reflected off the house during the hot summer and during the winter, internal heat is kept within the house.

Framing Materials

Fiberglass: Fiberglass is one of the most recommended framing materials by window providers. This is because it’s durable, offers better insulation, and is not affected as much by the elements compared to other materials. Its expected lifespan is around 80 years, but it is more expensive and costs more to install.

Wood: Wood is preferred by many homeowners due to its perceived beauty. It is, however, expensive, harder to install, and prone to rotting.

Metal: Aluminum frames are usually light, affordable, and durable. However, they are poor insulators and easily rust when in contact with water.

Vinyl: They are very durable and do not fade or require painting. The cons of vinyl is that they expand and contract when there are significant temperature changes. Window service providers recommend them for people on a budget since they are cheap.

Styles and Designs

Your choice of style should be both functional and compatible with the designs of your home. A design specialist from a window installation service can help you pick the best style and design for your home, ranging from double hung, picture, casement, awning, and hopper windows.

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