6 Reasons Why Your New Home Needs Triple Pane Windows | Southlake, TX

6 Reasons Why Your New Home Needs Triple Pane Windows | Southlake, TX

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Are you tired of all the pain in your life? Ease the pain with triple pane windows. Your new home is the best place to start if you want triple pane windows in the Southlake, TX area. Because more panes means less pain.

If your home has single pane or double pane windows, it’s inefficient. While a single pane window is the least efficient, a double pane window has two layers of glass with gas filled in between them. A triple pane window has three layers of glass with two spaces filled with gas instead of one. This makes them the most efficient windows you could opt for.

Here are some reasons why you need to have triple pane windows installed in your new Southlake, TX home:

1.  Energy Efficiency

With the added layers and gases, triple pane windows keep out the heat of a hot summer day from ruining your time indoors. They also keep the cold winter breeze from ruining your warm winter nights in bed. They are about 50% more efficient in insulating your home than an old-school single pane window.

Not only does this keep your home the temperature that you feel most comfortable with, it saves you money. You pay lesser for heating and cooling, because it isn’t escaping through your window panes. No more throwing your money out the window—because there are too many layers to get through! This is why theyare the best option.

2.  Less Moisture

If you have ever noticed moisture on the inside of your windows when you wake up in the morning on a winter day? This happens from the change in temperature of the outside and inside of your home, creating vapors of water that collect on your windows inside your house.

However, if you get triple pane windows they’re resistant to the effects of a temperature clash. Having moisture on your glass can cause mold in the crevices of your windows. It can ruin the drywall and the window sills as well. Having upgraded windows will put you at ease. You no longer have to worry about water vapors getting inside your home.

3.  Resistance to Weather

Imagine wanting to sit in front of your window on a cold day to watch the snow falling. Instead, a wave of coldness is blasted on your face each time the wind blows. It’s no longer an enjoyable experience.

With triple pane windowsyou can watch the changes in weather without having to experience the actual weather itself. Not only does this keep you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, they’re also harder to break in case of a tornado or earthquake.

Some multi pane windows also provide heat reflection, so that there’s lesser sunlight entering your home. Sunlight is also a major contributor to increasing the overall temperature of your house, so if you like a cooler home, opt for windows that let in lesser sunlight than others.

4.  Safer

If someone ever tried to break into your home, they give up after the first try. Triple pane windows are thicker and provide a literal layer of safety to your home. They’re harder to break because of the layers and overall strength of the glass.

This keeps you safer from chances of your window shattering inside your house because of an accident. It also keeps unwanted guests from trying to pay you a visit.

Though the investment might seem expensive at first, having windows that last longer is a better investment in the long run. You won’t have to change the windows because of minor cracks or damages from the weather.

5.  Soundproof

Triple pane windowsprevent the sound from inside your home leaving and being heard by your neighbors. Now you can listen to louder music and party with your friends. You don’t have to worry about the neighbors calling the police to break up your party.

Not only does the insulation work for one side, it also works to prevent outside noises from entering your home. If you live on a busy street or have college students sharing a house in your neighborhood, you know the struggle. There’s always commotion, either from traffic or kids singing in the streets.

With triple pane windows, you can have better sound insulation than single or double pane windows.

6.  Saves Money

It makes sense that the more insulated your house is, the less you’ll be spending on heating and cooling. This is because you won’t be spending unnecessary money paying bills for the heating that keeps escaping through your single pane windows.

The temperature that you set, that’s the temperature that your house will remain at. When your heating and cooling keeps leaking because of inefficient insulation, your AC and heater put in more effort in trying to regulate the temperature. The thinner your windows, the more money you lose in just trying to get your home to remain at one temperature.



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