5 Reasons You Should Choose Energy Efficient Windows | Shady Shores, TX

5 Reasons You Should Choose Energy Efficient Windows | Shady Shores, TX

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Have you been planning to get your old, ineffiecint windows replaced, but are unsure about which product or style to go for? By browsing the window stores in the Shady Shores, TX area, you’d realize that there are plenty of options of window materials, shapes, sizes and designs fit for different budgets.

When buying windows for your home, you should always remember that regardless of the other features, they should be energy efficient. You can easily find energy efficient windows in the Shady Shores, TX area. This is an environmentally friendly option, which also helps you to save a ton of money on your utility bills, and makes your home much more comfortable.

5 Reasons for Choosing Energy Efficient Windows

Saves Energy and Money

Installing energy efficient windows is a great idea, especially for the summer season. The windows that aren’t properly insulated are the main reason for heat gain. This means that since the AC runs overtime, you’d have to spend more money to keep the place cool. Thesewindows use the latest technology with low-E coatings, which minimizes the heat gain without compromising the view, or affecting the amount of sunlight shining into the room.

These windows are also beneficial during the winter seasons as they help you save the money spent on the heating bill, and make your home warm and cozy. Windows with poor insulation can be the source of major heat loss, higher condensation, and discomfort. When you get windows that have a low U-factor, their surface would stay warmer, minimize condensation, and limiting air leaks. The result would be significant reduction of your monthly heating bills, where you can save almost 25% of the costs and you’d feel more comfortable in your home.

Reduces Peak Heating and Cooling Loads from the System

The best part about installing energy efficient windows besides them helping you save money by significantly reducing your electricity bill is that it decreases the peak loads from your heating and cooling systems as well.

Peak heating and cooling load is the maximum requirement for heating or cooling at a time. The specific peak requirement for your place helps to figure out the size of the air conditioner, furnace, and heat pump that should be installed in your home to make the insides comfortable.

As the windows help to reduce the peak heating and cooling load, you can save your money by getting a smaller and cost-effective heating and cooling system installed at your home. For a home that’s getting constructed, this is a well-timed and financially beneficial piece of advice.

Makes Your Home More Comfortable

Energy efficient windows bring a noticeable improvement to the thermal comfort level of your house, regardless of the weather outside. In the winter season, windows that aren’t well insulated have a cold glass surface that produces chilly drafts as the air near the window becomes cools and sinks to the floor.

Windows with a low U-factor keep the glass surface warm and the weather stripping design keeps them tightly sealed. As a result there will be less air leakage and the insides of your home would feel more comfortable.

During the summer, these windows won’t get overheated as the low-E coating helps to protect the surface from direct exposure to sunlight, keeping the inside space of your home at an ideal temperature.

 Limits Condensation and Frosting

Most of the time, the old windows are poorly insulated which makes condensation and frosting a huge concern for homeowners during the cold weather. This results in mold and makes the rotting situation worse if you’ve got wooden window frames.

If you install these windows you won’t have to face this problem as they keep the glass surface warm and come with insulating frames. The condensation can get reduced with the improvement in the U-factor of the windows, limiting it to only certain range of situations.

Better View with Improved Lighting

You don’t have to consider options like tinted glazing or shades for your windows, in order to decrease sunlight exposure in the summer season if you’ve got efficient windows installed at your place. With this new technology, you can continue to enjoy the amount of sunlight and the view from the windows. When you buy energy efficient windows in the Shady Shores, TX area, make sure they have low-E coating and high performing tints.

Cost of Energy-Efficient Options

Most new construction and replacement windows come with a standard feature having argon and low-E coating, as low-E has now become a requirement in a lot of states. These windows also offer a number of other features such as krypton gas, triple glazing, insulated spacer, insulated frames, and added exterior insulators on sashes, but at a premium price.

However, these added features on energy efficient windows only come as upgrades to high-end windows and aren’t offered on low-end or mid-range windows. You can call a window contractor to help you find out the total costs for the upgrade as it depends on various other factors as well.


We believe that we’ve given enough reasons to convince you to get energy efficient windows for your home. For them to function efficiently, they must be properly installed. Get a professional for this job as it’ll also help you avoid running into any other window related problems. For installation of your energy efficient windows in the Shady Shores, TX area, opt for Energy Window Solutions, as they’re the best in the area. To book an appointment, call them right away!