6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Vinyl Replacement Windows | Flower Mound, TX

6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Vinyl Replacement Windows | Flower Mound, TX

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It isn’t an easy task to find the right kind of windows that would suit your home. There are a number of features that homeowners consider when choosing the material for replacement windows. While every individual has their own set of criteria which helps them decide the material of their new windows, vinyl windows seem to be a popular choice for most homeowners.

If you’re wondering why, we’ve listed all the reasons down below.

Energy Efficient Windows

With the growing concern regarding the environmental issues, a lot of homeowners are playing their part by making sure that their homes are as environmentally friendly as possible. Windows are an important component of your home, and one of the main reasons homeowners decide to replace the windows is because they have a significant impact on the utility bills, as well as the environment.

Old homes that still have their original windows fail to keep out the hot or cold air as well as they should. This in turn makes it necessary for homeowners to use more expensive heating and cooling systems for longer time periods than they want to. Also it’s quite likely that these windows might have cracks in the frames, worn out weather stripping, or just don’t seem to fit in the frame anymore due to years of wear and tear.

When you get replacement windows in the Flower Mound, TXarea, your aim should be towards a more energy efficient house. Vinyl windows are a good idea as they will not only help to reduce drafts near the windows, but the development in the efficiency of glass and frame components will help to significantly reduce the heating or cooling of air inside your home due to outside air. This will bring a noticeable decrease in your energy bills, and at the same time, you’d be helping the environment as well.

Low Maintenance Windows

Not all of us have the luxury of time on our hands, and some of us are just too lazy for the maintenance, especially if you’ve recently installed windows. In case you fit in any of the two categories, the best option you’ve got is vinyl replacement windows. Once you install these at your place, you’d have to spend a significantly smaller amount of time on its maintenance.

This material doesn’t tend to flake or require repainting like aluminum or wood; hence the maintenance needed is minimal. They can withstand all sorts of environmental pollutants, and all they need is an occasional wash from time to time.

Helps Block Out Noise

If you’re one of those people who like to enjoy a peaceful time at their home, but unfortunately your house is located on a busy street or simply in a loud neighborhood, you should opt for vinyl windows.

You can’t keep moving from place to place just because of your noisy neighbors, but what you can do is get vinyl windows installed at your home. These windows can help you enjoy some quiet time inside your home, as they can block out the noise. Vinyl replacement windows with laminated glass are the best option for keeping the outdoor sounds from coming into your home. It’s an easy way out of a noisy situation, allowing you to get as many hours of undisturbed sleep as you like.

Provides Added Safety

Vinyl replacement windows features are not just limited to keeping out the outdoor noise, helping you save your money by offering high durability, and being energy efficient. These windows are also capable of protecting your house as they offer safety features which some of the old windows tend to lack. Several windows have glass that is easy to break, or won’t lock properly.

However, the latest vinyl windows use laminated glass in the making that gives an additional layer of safety for you and your family in your house. A lot of them also come with dual locking systems, which makes it quite difficult for an intruder to break into the house.

Good Value for Money

When investing in any of the home improvements projects, you should always keep in mind the return on your investment, especially if you’re planning to sell out your house in the short run. When looking for a new home, most buyers pay close attention to the windows of the house as it’s one of the most important things.

For this reason, installing vinyl replacement windows is a wise decision despite the high upfront cost. It is said that these windows can offer up to 77.8% ROI.

Highly Durable Windows

When you’re purchasing replacement windows, you must always go for the materials that offer high durability and would survive the test of time. You don’t want to reinvest in this project when you’ve just gotten them installed recently. Vinyl replacement windows in the Flower Mound, TX area are a popular pick among homeowners as the vinyl windows have durable surfaces that can last for a long time. Unlike steel windows, vinyl windows don’t rust easily, and they also won’t rot like wooden windows or corrode like a few aluminum windows.

In addition, vinyl windows come along with a number of warranties as well. These warranties include a lifetime of glass breakage warranty, a lifetime installation guarantee, and a lifetime no fogging guarantee. These warranties would keep you free from spending extra bucks of window related problems, while making you feel safe and protected.


We’re pretty sure that after getting to know all these amazing features that vinyl windows offer, you are also planning to get them installed at your home. If you want to install replacement windows in the Flower Mound, TX area, choose Energy Window Solutions, as they’re the best in town.