Energy Efficient Windows 101: A Buyer’s Guide | Colleyville, TX

Energy Efficient Windows 101: A Buyer’s Guide | Colleyville, TX

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These days, when shopping for windows, a homeowner’s biggest concern isn’t limited to just how they look. People these days are more focused towards energy efficient options that will help them save money on the heating and cooling of their homes.

For this you need to find the right kind of windows for your home. When browsing the stores for energy efficient windows in the Colleyville, TX area, you must know the features to look for in the windows. We’ll guide you on the four features you need to pay attention to, ensuring that you get the value from your investment without going broke.

Factors to Consider:

Down below, we’ve listed four features you should focus on when buying energy efficient windows for your home.


A lot of you might be aware that a wooden frame is less prone to transfer of heat and cold, compared to an aluminum frame, as metals are much better conductors of temperature. Despite that, it doesn’t make wood the best option for window frames when aiming for reduced utility bills. You’ve got plenty of other materials to choose from for window frames, each with its own pros and cons. Your pick depends entirely on what suits your taste and your budget.


When it comes to window frames, vinyl is one of the inexpensive options without any compromises on energy efficiency. Well-built and rightly installed vinyl energy efficient windows are a wise choice to make. It’s highly energy efficient as it can reduce air leakage with the help of insulated glass and tight construction. If you’re willing to compromise on the color options, this is the most affordable pick.


If you’re looking for the best insulative value when getting energy efficient windows opt for wooden frames. However those need more maintenance and repair when compared to wood-clad, aluminum, and vinyl frames. It isn’t wise to choose wooden frames if you live in an extremely damp or rainy climate as they can easily rot. However, if a high quality cut and type of wood is used and the window is well built, it can last for a long time.


Although it not the best material for heat transfer and loss, these window frames are the best option for humid, rainy climates. The strength this material provides helps to meet the severe coastal building codes in areas which are hurricane-prone.


You can say that this material has it all, with a wooden interior that resists temperature transfer enclosed by a low maintenance outer cover, usually aluminum or vinyl. However, they aren’t well suited for places with wet climates, as they’re prone to water intrusion, causing the sills and sides to rot where water usually pools. When installing wood-clad energy efficient windows you should ensure that waterproof rubber membranes are used around the sill pan and cladding.


When it comes to windows, what really makes a difference is the material between the frames. By using double-paned windows with low-E glass and vacuum-sealed argon filling, you will notice a significant difference in your home’s energy bills. Any other addition only brings up the cost and provides diminishing returns in efficiency.

Windows with these features are more insulative than single-pane windows. They protect your home from the inside from UV rays in the summer season, and minimize heat loss during the winters.

Although triple-pane windows provide higher energy efficiency for extreme climates, they also reduce the visibility and lighting in your home.


The design plays an important role for energy efficient windows. The most frequently used designs are listed below.

Double-hung Windows

Many of the older homes across the country have these traditional units. The bottom of the double-hung windows slides up to open the unit. It could be an efficient option, but as these windows are prone to air intrusion between the sliders it doesn’t make them an ideal choice for places with extreme climates.

Casement Windows

In order to open these units, they’ve got a crank which swings the window outward. They’re quite prevalent in climates where the situation gets windy, as it can seal itself off tightly when the window blows in the direction of the house. You need to keep the hinges and seals well maintained to make sure that they provide the same efficiency and stability.

Picture Windows

These windows can’t open and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Regardless, these big units can be a good option for energy efficient windowsgiven a good glass choice and gas-filled interior.


Proper installation is one of the most crucial steps. Despite getting the most expensive energy efficient windows in the Colleyville, TX area, the performance won’t be effective if not installed properly. When you hire a contractor for installing windows in the Colleyville, TX area, make sure they aren’t heavily reliant on sealants or expanding foams in order to fit the window. These materials aren’t water-resistant, and can cause problems in the long run. The best choice is pre-installation waterproofing, making sure that it’s completed well before the window installation.

Although proper caulking and flashing is the cheapest part of the window installation process, if not done with close attention, it could lead to water leaks causing a number of problems which could’ve been avoided easily.


We hope that now you’d be able to get the right kind of windows for your home. For them to function efficiently they must be properly installed. Hire a professional for this task as it’ll also help you avoid running into window related problems later. For installation of your energy efficient windows in the Colleyville, TX area, choose Energy Window Solutions, as they’re the best in town. Call them right away to book an appointment!