8 Signs You Might Need New Windows | Insight from Your Trusted Southlake, TX Window Installers

8 Signs You Might Need New Windows | Insight from Your Trusted Southlake, TX Window Installers

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Most homeowners in Southlake, TX, wait until it’s too late to replace their windows. You might be thinking about the time and effort it takes to replace the windows of your home. And that you don’t want to spend the money on windows this time of year. Whether you need just one window or a full set, it can seem like an intimidating, costly expense. You have to choose between local window installers, window types, frame colors, and much more.

What you might not be considering is that if you don’t replace your problematic windows as soon as you see warning signs, you could actually end up needlessly paying thousands of dollars in excess energy costs. As a reputable window installer in Southlake, TX, we can help you to make all the right decisions at Energy Windows Solutions.

Your Pane is Cracked. 

This is one of the more apparent signs your glass needs replacing, as the glass is obviously weakened. A little unwanted pressure can break the window completely, leaving you to deal with broken shards of glass, and reduced home security. Not to mention, it doesn’t look particularly nice! A cracked pane is one of the more extreme window replacement scenarios that window installers have to deal with, but it’s unfortunately not an uncommon scenario.

Your Frame is Cracked. 

This might look unsightly, but it’s not affecting your window in any way, right? You might be telling yourself this, but it’s really a clear sign that your window needs replacing! Cracked window frames reduce the integrity of your whole window.

Your Glass Consistently Fogs Up.

A failed window seal will lead to fogged glass and is not an immediately noticeable sign, but something that will build up over time as the seal loses further integrity. Window installers and repair professionals can suggest sash replacements as a more temporary measure. Still, it’s also a sign to replace your full window if you’re looking to upgrade to something more energy-efficient or more in keeping with the aesthetics you want to build for your home.

Your Window Sticks When Opening.

Similarly to when your windows experience fogging, you might see a stuck window as something with a variety of alternatives fixes aside from window replacement. Sometimes a stuck window just needs a little muscle and the right technique or lubrication. Muscle and lubrication work fine if it’s a metal or vinyl window, but wooden windows, in a lot of cases, it’s preferable to replace them with an alternative window type. Wood windows can rot and bulge during humid Texas summers or particularly wet weather, making them burdensome to close throughout much of the year.

Your Home Feels Drafty.

The most permanent fix for a draft home caused by faulty windows is for professional window installers to replace your problem window. It might be that you had windows installed by someone that didn’t center them properly, or the window has just degraded over time, leading to a permanent draft. Either way, a drafty home is the last thing you need, especially in winter, when the warm heat inside your home will be escaping through these drafty areas.

Your Home Gets Too Hot or Too Cold.

When you’ve got the air conditioning on, your home should feel cool. When the water heater is running, your home should feel warm. Windows that aren’t energy-efficient can have a detrimental effect on the heating and cooling of your home, that can’t just be fixed by upgrading your heating or air conditioner. In fact, your windows are probably the last thing you think about replacing when this occurs!

Our AirCell technology and Rehau windows combine quality components and construction, far exceeding the EnergyStar minimum standards. Discuss this option with one of our professional window installers to see just how beneficial these windows can be in your home if you regularly experience issues with temperature regulation.

Your Window Frame Feels Soft.

Soft window frames are a surefire sign that your window frame needs replacement. Prevalent in wooden windows, soft timber frames are a sign of interior rot that definitely needs to be assessed and replaced by a professional. Window installers at Energy Star Solutions can assist you to find a suitable alternative.

Your Windows Are More Than a Decade Old.

Last but not least, age is an accurate indicator of window replacement needs. Ten years ago, energy efficiency and building standards were not the same as they are today. Just like many other aspects of your home, such as guttering and pipes, old age leads to a reduction in quality, and wear and tear has a definite effect on the integrity of your windows. If you replace your windows, you’ll see an immediate difference in the energy efficiency of your home, and may even see a substantial drop in the cost of your energy bills.

If any of the above signs apply to your Southlake, TX, home, we’ll be happy to have one of our window installers take a look and assess the potential damage and replacement costs. We understand the importance of having a draft-free, energy-efficient home, especially during cold Texas winters, and we want to help you on your window replacement journey.

At Energy Window Solutions, we offer a variety of windows and associated products in a range of colors. Our window installers pride themselves on being part of the next generation of energy-efficient installers, utilizing cutting edge technology such as our SuperCap color technology to increase the durability of your windows and help to insulate your home from cold and heat. Our Rehau windows are three times better than wooden windows, four times better than PVC, and six times better than fiberglass, in terms of thermal energy conductivity.

Our window installers in Southlake, TX, are dedicated to providing you with thermally superior window replacement, labor cost savings, and better insulating windows. Contact Energy Window Solutions to discuss what we can do for you.