Getting Ready for a Window Installation | Plano, TX

Getting Ready for a Window Installation | Plano, TX

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When you’re having a window installation done on your Plano, TX home there are steps you can take to help make the process smooth, easy and comfortable for everyone involved. By taking steps before the installation occurs to improve conditions for your installation team, to understanding the whole process so you can catch any mistakes, you can make the entire process of a window installation virtually painless.

The first step in getting ready to have a window installation done is to make sure your house has a clear path to the areas where the windows are being installed. Make sure to clear any debris, furniture and toys out of the area, and remove things like curtains and blinds. This will help the movers get the old windows out without having to waste any time. If you know you’re going to be at work while the installation crew is present, make sure you have an plan in place that gives the window installation crew access to your house while you’re out. Make sure they know which doors to use and make sure any dogs or other animals are safely penned up if you don’t want to risk them getting outside. Lastly, make sure any window-related alarm features are turned off so that they aren’t accidentally triggered.

Installing windows is a messy job. There may be paint and old glue that has to be removed, patching of drywall, and lots of sanding to make sure that your new windows are correctly installed and sealed without leaking air. While a high-quality window installation crew will bring their own drop cloths and tarps, it doesn’t hurt to provide your own extra covers to make sure all areas you’re concerned about getting dirty or damaged are properly covered and protected. You’ll also want to check with the installation crew to see what clean-up they will provide versus what mess they expect to have left over. Be prepared to do a good bit of dusting and mopping once the installation is complete.

Try to schedule a window installation in Plano, TX for the times of year where the weather is most mild and plan to have your heating and cooling off while the installation is occurring. There’s no way to prevent the loss of heated or cooled air while the windows are being installed, but by choosing a mild month for the installation and planning ahead to have your utilities off while the installation occurs you can save yourself a little bit of money. Make sure you also check with your installation crew to make sure that there aren’t any restrictions about the weather they will install in.

Spend some time discussing the process with the crew foreman. Find out if your window installation in Plano, TX will require any building permits especially if you are changing the size of the windows to something different than is already there. You also want to be sure that there aren’t any rules that will restrict what size and type of windows you can have installed in your home such as impact resistant windows in hurricane heavy areas.

Make sure you thoroughly go over the warranty for your windows before the installation so that you can be sure of what is covered both before installation while the windows are being transported to your home, during installation, and after installation. These may be questions your contractor can walk you through before the window installation, but be sure you know the warranty on both the window parts and mechanisms.

The last part of being prepared for the window installation is to understand that there may be more that goes into the process than just replacing the windows and your contractor won’t know until the old windows are out. Depending on the state of the wood beneath the windows they may need to fix rot, cut mull posts, or add window stops. All of this will add to the time and cost of your window installation but your contractor should be able to notify you of what needs to be done with a fairly accurate estimate after the old windows have been removed.

When your windows are installed there are four basic steps that will likely be followed. First any ropes in the sashing of your old windows will be removed and then the window stops will be pulled out. Then the old windows will be carefully pried out of their frames and discarded. The installation crew will then check to make sure that the window framing is level using a thin strip of material that is called a shim and loosely secure the window while they make sure it works. A window that is not properly leveled, plumb and square will not be properly installed and may have air and water leakage that can affect its effectiveness.

Once the installing crew are sure the window is level they will fasten it more securely into the opening and re-install the window stops. Then they will caulk and add any flashing before installing the exterior trim to protect the window and your home from moisture. This will give the window a nice, tight seal and your new windows will be all set and ready to use.

How long it will take to install new windows depends entirely on how many windows you are having replaced or installed. A single window can take a couple of hours, but a whole house could take two or three days – maybe longer. Be sure to check with your Energy Window Solutions installation crew foreman so that you know how long they expect to be working on your installation. Remember that any damage beneath existing windows will extend the installation time and cost so be prepared for these changes if they occur.