Choosing Replacement Windows | Frisco, TX

Choosing Replacement Windows | Frisco, TX

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When choosing replacement windows for your home there is more to consider than just how they open and close. Energy efficient windows are the best windows for any home in Frisco, TX. The amount of money you’ll save on your utility bills with new energy efficient windows. There are four main things to consider about energy efficient replacement windows before making a purchase: the frame, the type of glass, the design, and the way they are installed. Each of these factors affects how they work with your house, in your environment, and even how successful they are at passing the savings on to your wallet.

There are four different materials that are used to make energy efficient windows and each of them has different pros and cons depending on the climate you are living in. The four materials are: vinyl, aluminum, wood, and wood-clad. Vinyl is the most common material for energy efficient windows. It’s the least expensive, lends itself to well-constructed and easy to install. Unfortunately, they don’t come in many color options but they are easy to pick out as replacement windows in an older home. While cosmetics may not be a reason for your family to pass on this budget-friendly option, for other Frisco, TX homes they may not be the right choice.

Wood windows are a great option especially in older homes. They require more upkeep but are great insulators and can be stained or painted. However, in a humid or rainy climate wood windows are not a good choice. You definitely don’t want to be worried that your windows are going to rot away from the water in the environment.

Aluminum window frames are great windows in climates where hurricanes are frequent. In fact, they are most likely to meet building codes in these areas. They don’t have the best performance when it comes to heat transfer and heat loss, but they survive best in humid climates that would easily destroy a wood frame.

The best of both worlds option is a wood clad window. This is a wood frame covered in a low maintenance exterior like vinyl or aluminum. The wood helps to prevent heat transfer and loss, while the vinyl and aluminum help the wood withstand more difficult weather. Properly installed, wood-clad replacement windows could be an excellent option for your home.

What you choose to fill the space between your double-paned energy efficient windows with makes a huge difference in how energy efficient your replacement windows really are. The best option is a Low-E, double-paned window filled with argon. It prevents heat from escaping in the winter time and in the summer helps to block UV rays and the heat of the sun from your home.

The next decision to make for your Frisco, TX home is the design of your replacement windows. The most common types of windows are double-hung, casement, and picture windows. Double hung windows are the most traditional types of windows and are found in homes all across America, particularly in homes and buildings that are ‘Pre-war’. These are the windows that you raise to open, sliding them up from the bottom.

Casement windows use a crank that swings the windows in and out. These are a great option for areas where high winds may be a concern. Unlike a double-hung window that can leak air when winds are high, a casement window will actually seal tighter. These require more maintenance than a double-hinged window on all the seals and hinges to make sure that they remain stable and efficient as replacement windows.

Picture windows cannot be opened and can be designed to come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Made to be double-paned and with a proper glass choice and gas-filled interior they are provide just as much support for your homes’ energy efficiency as any smaller, operable window. In fact, with these larger units that are often in places we can’t reach it’s even more important that they be a high quality, energy efficient window that you can be certain isn’t causing your utilities to go up.

The final part of making sure that your replacement windows are energy efficient is to make sure they are correctly installed. There is nothing worse than having your windows made to fit your home, making sure that their appearance and style will match the look of your house, and ensuring you’ve made the best decisions for energy efficiency only to have them improperly installed. An improper installation can cause air leakage and water leakage. The water leakage can cause serious damage to the structure of your home, allowing rot and mold to set into the wood framing of your windows. Plus, it can destroy the drywall around your windows and your siding. Avoid using expanding foam and other similar sealants and waterproof your window framing before your window is installed.

If you choose to use flashing and caulking, make sure that they are properly applied as done incorrectly they can still allow for leaks of both air and water and render your knew energy efficient windows pointless. Keeping an eye on the details will ensure that your new windows look beautiful, enhance the value of your home, provide necessary protection and help to lower your utility bills by keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Considering all the possibilities when choosing replacement windows for your home is absolutely necessary so you can be sure that whatever windows you end up with help to improve the value of your home and your quality of life. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and look up information on things like the information on an Energy Star tag to make sure that they window you’re considering is the right window for you. Contact Energy Window Solutions to schedule an appointment today!