Double-Glazed Windows vs. Triple-Glazed Windows – Which One Should You Choose? | Triple Pane Windows in Dallas

Double-Glazed Windows vs. Triple-Glazed Windows – Which One Should You Choose? | Triple Pane Windows in Dallas

Windows come in all shapes, sizes and types. Each kind of window has a unique set of benefits and is suitable for a certain purpose. However, the popularity of multi-glazed windows has seen a surge in recent years.

The term glazing itself has its roots in Middle English and is synonymous to the word glass. Windows are often named on the extent of glazing they have. Window experts and manufacturers often use the term when they are referencing to window designs. They call their windows single-glazed, double glazed or triple glazed.

People in Dallas and elsewhere call multi-glazed windows as thermal or insulated glass. In simple terms, a double-glazed window has two panes of glass in it. Similarly, a triple pane window will have three panes of glass inside. On the outside, there doesn’t seem to be much difference between both these options. Still, both of them can have different uses.

Why Choose Double Pane Glass in Dallas?

People in Dallas are starting to realize the advantage of double pane windows. Insulated panels are becoming the norm among many households. Though single-glazed windows offer some resistance against the escaping heat, they are not that efficient.

Double-glazed or double pane windows improve on the idea of insulated windows. The two parallel panes of glass in the double-glazed window create an intermediate buffer zone. This helps create a barrier between the outside temperature and your room. They are a significant improvement to single pane windows and a lot more energy efficient.

Nowadays, double-pane windows are becoming the standard for insulated windows. Window experts recommend them as both replacement windows and construction windows. More advanced designs are specialized to have gas-filled space between both panes. Gases such as argon or xenon offer better resistance to energy transfer than simple air.

Why Choose Triple Pane Glass in Dallas?

As the name suggests, triple pane windows in Dallas have three glazed glasses instead of two. Triple pane technology relies on multiple panes of glass to have better energy efficiency than other models.

As it is with double pane windows, triple pane windows in Dallas also contain gases. These windows usually have Argon gas in between the layers of glass. Though the gas is invisible, it remains sandwiched between multiple layers of glass.

What makes this gas so special is that, its benefits aren’t limited to a particular climate. The gas keeps the heat locked inside your home in bone-freezing winter. On the other hand, when it’s summer, this gas cuts down excessive heat that is coming in with sunlight.

As we discussed before, a double pane window has two panes of glass with a single layer of argon or xenon. However, the case of triple pane windows is different. Because of the additional layer of glass, triple pane windows have two separate layers of these gases. This system helps create sustainable and energy efficient environment that maintains the perfect temperature all year round.

Double-Glazed vs. Triple-Glazed– Which One Is Better in Dallas?

As can be seen above, triple-glazed windows are technically better. This is because their additional layer of glass increases the amount of gas two-fold. Triple pane windows are better equipped to maximize energy efficiency in your bills and improve sound reduction.

However, the extra benefits of triple pane windows don’t come without its restrictions. The proficient design of triple pane windows comes at a higher cost than double pane windows in Dallas. The question still remains –do the additional advantages of triple pane windows outweigh the extra cost?

Lower Cost vs. Additional Energy Efficiency

To display the advantages of double pane windows, window companies used to promote the money-saving benefits the windows had. Compared to an old single-glazed window, double glazed windows were more equipped in terms of energy efficiency.

The difference between both windows was overwhelming in Dallas. Anyone could easily see the difference in internal temperature measured in both types of windows under the same conditions. The huge difference in performance was the reason why many people in Dallas upgraded to double pane windows.

Now, the tables have turned to the disadvantage of double pane windows. In a test where the room was heated up to 21 degrees, double pane windows fared at maintaining the temperature up to 16 degrees. On the other hand, a triple pane window was successful at maintaining the temperature to 18 degrees in the same conditions.

The higher temperature showcases the additional ability of triple glazed window. The difference in cost in both windows is relatively minimal in Dallas. Because of this; many homeowners will choose to go for the ideal choice of triple-glazed windows.

However, it all comes down to the homeowner in the end. The kind of window they will choose will be according to their budget and their needs. Triple is ideal for homeowners in Dallas who want perfect temperatures and comprehensive noise reductions in their home. On the other hand, if people can bear the slight inconvenience a less-developed product has, they can make-do with double pane windows.

Windows are important components of your home. They need to be in top shape to effectively keep noise and exterior elements out. Still, they can get damaged by many things and may need to get repaired or replaced. In any case, you should only trust an experienced window solution contractor.

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