Window Repair or Replacement – What’s the Ideal Choice? | Replacement Windows in Fort Worth

Window Repair or Replacement – What’s the Ideal Choice? | Replacement Windows in Fort Worth

People rely on their windows for keeping rain and snow out while allowing breeze and sunlight to enter your home. But sometimes these windows are not able to do their jobs properly and start to get leaky, foggy or cold. On such occasions, homeowners in Fort Worth wonder whether it’s best to repair their windows or go for replacement windows.

In older times, people usually chose to repair windows. The first step was to remove the trash and broken parts of the glass. After that, another glass pane got installed in place of the older one.

On other occasions, homeowners in Fort Worth replaced the frames in windows. They changed old-fashioned wood framed windows with newer vinyl, fiberglass or metal designs instead of repairing. People chose to do this because these options were cheaper. However, many realized that repairing old windows were ineffective.

Now, people in Fort Worth have come to realize that replacement windows are also a feasible option. In this article, we’ll discuss the prospects of both options and which one would be ideal for homeowners in Fort Worth.

Water Leakage

It’s not uncommon for people to detect interior water marks inside their homes. Interior water does not mean that the water has seeped through the window. Most times it happens because the water has come around the window and moistened the window.

The usual culprits, in this case, are poor draining gutters and drainpipes. Faulty pipes can redirect the flow of water towards the windows. Though window seals are meant to keep water from sneaking around the window, they can’t hold off the water that comes with force. A simple solution to this is redirecting water drainage away from windows and mending window seals.

However, excessive water infiltration means that the exterior window casing is ineffective. The real problem might not be bad exterior window casing and a little repair will suffice. Still, if the window is letting water through, people should consider replacement windows in Fort Worth.

Foggy Windows

Many people wonder what it means to have foggy windows in their homes. For starters, it does not mean that your windows will start to exhaust fog in your home. Rather, it happens when water starts to condense in insulated glass, double-paned windows or triple-paned IGUs.

Opposed to multi-paned windows in older times which were set into glass by a glazier, IGU’s are permanently sealed. Whether you’re an enthusiastic DIY fan or a window technician, it will be difficult disassembling an IGU and rebuilding it. The most viable option, in this case, is getting a replacement window in Fort Worth.

Homeowners in Fort Worth can also go for a replacement for the sash window. Still, going for replacement windows in exchange for a fogged up IGU is better. This will be more useful in the long-term as you’ll have a window with an improved design and condition.

Cracked/Broken Glass

Dealing with broken glass in windows is not just a matter of safety. The issue is also important for maintaining the aesthetics of your home. Homeowners should weigh both considerations before deciding between window repair and replacement windows in Fort Worth.

In the case of single pane windows, they can get repaired in a cost-effective manner through a glazier. When multi-pane windows have the same problem, you can consider replacing the sash. However, if such problems persist, replacement windows are the most ideal option.

Broken Mullions/Muntins

Mullions or muntins are small pieces of wood that separate panes of glass. In the case you have faux mullions and muntins; they will be set between two panes of glass. This means that these fixtures are irreplaceable. On the flip side, the good thing about them is that they don’t affect a window’s function.

If mullions or muntins get spoiled, you have to get them rebuilt. It is easy to resolve fixtures that are missing or have weak putty holding the glass pane. If anything happens, you should call a window solution expert in Fort Worth.

The technician will remove the glass and clean the area. After that, he will apply new putty and afterward secure the glass with fresh glazier points. If you choose a replacement window, you’ll end up with a better model.

Inoperable Sashes

One of the most common problems in older windows is that they have faulty sashes. These windows have long been past their primes. On most occasions, they have inoperable lower or upper sashes. This can happen because of multiple layers of paint blocking the sash and the frame.

This can also happen when windows come off from their track. There are several other problems with sashes, like being hard to raise or having broken cords on sash weights. In the case of spring-type sashes, the problem is them being loose. Such problems can get fixed by a reliable window technician in Fort Worth and you won’t need replacement windows.

Rotting or Missing Dip Cap

The drip cap is an exterior shield that sits at the top of the window. If it rots or goes missing, it can get fixed easily. All one has to do is buy an aluminum drip cap and replace it. Leaning out of windows is dangerous without proper training. Though you won’t need replacement windows, it’s safer to call a window technician for this job.

Bad Exterior Casing

A poor exterior casing is not only unattractive but it also damages the window over time. It’s not necessary to go for replacement windows to change the exterior casing. However, if you resolving poor exterior casing after delaying the issue for long, replacement windows are a better option.

Windows are important to keep exterior elements out and maintaining your home’s attractive outlook. If you need replacement windows, you should trust an experienced window solution contractor. Energy window solutions are the best you’ll find for replacement windows in Fort Worth.

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