All You Need to Know About Installing Windows in Texas | House Windows in Southlake

All You Need to Know About Installing Windows in Texas | House Windows in Southlake

There’s nothing like bright, sunny weather in Texas, but sometimes, the sun just gets in the way, which is why homes have windows. Unfortunately, not all windows have been created equal. Here, we are going to take a look at some of the things that homeowners need to focus on when it comes to choosing house windows in Southlake. Window technology has advanced considerably over the past few years which means, choosing the right one for your home can lead to enhanced comfort and better energy efficiency.

Types of Window Frames in Texas

There are several types of window frames that you can choose from while getting a window. The following are some of your top options.


One of the most popular window frames in Texas has got to be wood frames. One of the main reasons for their popularity is because of their energy efficiency. Also, wood window frames are easy to maintain and repair if needed. Apart from that, another reason why wood frame are the preferred choice when it comes to house windows in Southlake is because they can be painted in just about any color you desire. On the flip side, wood frames are susceptible to rot and damage due to insects, which is why they are clad in aluminium or treated with water-repellant and insect repellant preservation to make the wood frames last longer. It should also be noted that these specially treated wood frames are also more expensive when compared to other types of window frames.


Vinyl window frames are also popular among homeowners simply because of the high level of moisture resistance that they provide. When compared to wood frames, the vinyl frames are considered to be equally energy efficient when insulated properly. Also, like the wood window frames, the vinyl option is low on maintenance and is easy to fix. The own downside to using vinyl window frames is that they usually fade with time, especially if you have purchased dark colored vinyl frames. Also, vinyl window frames get brittle with time, which is why they are considered to be a more affordable options when it comes to house windows in Southlake.


Aluminium windows are strong but are not that energy efficient mainly because they conduct heat. This means that over time, condensation can form which can lead to serious issues with moisture buildup, which will have a negative impact on the frame. Since aluminum windows are considered to be the riskier option when it comes to house windows in Southlake, they are also usually the cheapest option available.


The window frames that are constructed with fiberglass are widely used in Texas homes. Fiberglass windows are a great alternative to both vinyl and wood windows because of its greater efficiency and better durability. Fiberglass windows can last a long time and withstand extreme temperatures without breaking or cracking like vinyl or aluminum. Furthermore, fiberglass windows are far more energy efficient when compared to other types of house windows in Southlake.

The only downside to installing fiberglass windows in your home is that they are extremely high maintenance, which means the require proper upkeep or else deteriorate with time. As compared to the vinyl window options the fiberglass windows are also more expensive.


The best advantage of using composite windows is that their appearance is similar to that of wood framed windows. Another major advantage in using composite windows is that most manufacturers that deal in this type of house windows in Southlake offer a multitude of paint colors, which means you can easily find one according to your personal taste.

What About the Glass?

Choosing the glass for house windows in Southlake can be one of the most difficult parts of installing windows. When choosing the glass, one of the first things that will come to mind is the single-pane glass is considered to be suitable only for regions that have very mild climates. The second option is going to be the double-pane windows which are considered to be sturdier and have a sealed air space between the two layers of the window glass which is to reduce the loss of heat, and make the windows more energy efficient.

One of the benefits of choosing the double-pane windows is that they are easily available in various styles and also offer improved insulation capabilities. This also includes the Low-E glass that features an invisible coating of metal that is on one surface. Apart from that, the inclusion of argon gas to the construction of the double-pane windows offers an extra layer of insulation, which helps keep the heat and cold out.

For those who are living in cold climates and require more insulation and protection from the sun, one of the best options is going to be the triple-pane house windows in SouthlakeThe triple-pane window has been sealed by using a mixture of gases such as krypton and argon. While the double-pane window offers a decent amount of insulation from the extreme temperature outdoors, the tripe-pane window can help you save up to 3% on your monthly heating or cooling bill. This is also one of the reason why they cost more than the double-pane variety.

Another reason to choose either double-pane or triple-pane house windows in Southlake is because both of these options provide an added advantage of sound insulation as well for your home. This can be very beneficial if you are living in a noisy area or close to the freeway. Also, the double and triple-pane windows also feature proper insulation which means they are less likely to have any condensation issues once the temperature drops.

To make sure you are getting the best option when it comes to house windows in Southlake, you should always choose windows that come with low U-values or U-factors. If you are looking to get the best house windows for your home in Texas then Energy Window Solutions is your one-stop-shop for all your window solutions.