Most Common Window Problems – Here’s How a Window Solution Service Can Help | New Windows in Lewisville, TX

Most Common Window Problems – Here’s How a Window Solution Service Can Help | New Windows in Lewisville, TX

Window problems are far more common than most people imagine them to be. Normally, people don’t notice any issues with their window until it gets exposed to extreme weather. At that time, it’s too late and there’s not much anyone can do. People can only stand while their windows get ruined by extreme weather.

For this reason, it’s essential to spot existing problems in your windows. By doing so, homeowners have the time to call a window solution service and fix those issues. Today, we will be discussing the most common window problems in Lewisville, TX.

Drafty Windows

Drafty windows are by far one of the most common complaints in windows. Many people can’t notice this problem during summers. However, as winter comes along, people realize how annoying drafty windows are.

In winter, homeowners in Lewisville, TX turn the heater on to keep their house warm. Despite the heater’s best efforts, drafts in the window make it really difficult to maintain room temperature. As a result, your heater has to make extra effort to keep the temperature bearable.

Drafty windows make sitting near the window intolerable. On top of that, it takes a toll on your energy bills because the heater has to make extra effort.

Windows can turn drafty because of various reasons. If you have new windows in Lewisville, TX or it had been installed recently, the culprit might be bad window installation. In the case windows are old, there can be other reasons to make that window drafty. Some of those reasons are as following:

  • Worn weather stripping
  • Affected from extreme weather
  • Frame warped because of seasonal changes

Leaky Windows

Water leaking from windows is not a problem you should ignore. It is not only troublesome to clean it up but it can cause serious water damage when ignored. On top of that, excess moisture from these leaks can promote the growth of mold.

Before jumping to solutions, we need to understand what the actual problem is. Sometimes, the problem is as simple as not closing the window properly. It’s important that you lock the window with its locking mechanism instead of just closing it, especially when you’re expecting rain. If the leaks are still persisting, there can other problems you need to fix.

Window leaks can either be a result of a window’s internal problems or it can be caused leaks in other parts of your home. If you can see moisture on the wall and around the window, it’s possible that the wall has a leak. In such cases the window has nothing to do with the leak and the water is trickling down from an opening in the wall.

However, if there are leaks around the window frame or window sash, it is an internal problem of the window. The problem can have various reasons. One of the most common reasons is deterioration with time. You can get rid of this problem by ordering new windows in Lewisville, TX.

Another reason for this issue to persist is improper installation of a new window in Lewisville, TX. Homeowners in Lewisville should be careful about who they trust with window installation in Lewisville, TX.

Hard to Operate Windows

In Lewisville, it’s common for windows to get stuck and become hard to open or close. The problem is rare amongst new windows in Lewisville, TX. However, it can still happen to new windows when the installation has been improper.

Still, there are other cases in which windows become almost inoperable. Usually, the problem depends on the kind of window an owner has. In wooden windows such as double hung windows, the wood can swell after extended exposure to moisture.

This makes the window difficult to slide along its track. In other types of windows such as casement or awning windows, the likely culprit might be faulty hardware.

Condensation at the Bottom of the Window

This kind of problem doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s a problem with the window. Instead, the problem can show itself to the window. The main reason for this to happen is exposure to excessive humidity. This can happen because of anything between cooking and showering.

This condensation gets formed after warm air comes into contact with the cold surface of the window. As a result, the vapors inside the warm and humid air become condensed and turn into water. These vapors accumulate in form of water at the bottom of the window, unnecessarily exposing it to moisture.

New windows are susceptible to this problem as they are airtight. This can cause new windows to develop problems early.

Condensation Between Window Panes

In Lewisville, condensation at the bottom of the window may not be much of a problem if you improve ventilation. However, condensation between window-panes in multi-glazed windows is a concerning sign. Double and triple paned windows have insulating gas between parallel panes of glass.

Mostly, new windows in Lewisville, TX hold themselves well but can lose their ability to insulate if they get damaged. A crack can expose the window to leaks of argon gas. As a result, humid air takes place of the previous gas and forms condensation within the window panes. The resulting water can damage the window from inside if exposed for a longer time.

All of these problems are harmful to windows. They can even show up in new windows and affect their functionality and durability. However, under the supervision of a professional, these problems won’t bother you much.

Windows are important components of your home. So it’s essential that you only allow experienced professionals to install new windows in your home. Improper installations of new windows cause the majority of these problems in new windows.

Energy window solutions are the most reliable window solution service in Lewisville, TX. You can visit the company’s website to know more about its services. Moreover, you can contact them at 972-290-1848 to get a free estimate on the installation of new windows in Lewisville. TX.