Ins and Outs of Installing Wooden Replacement Windows in Waxahachie, TX

Ins and Outs of Installing Wooden Replacement Windows in Waxahachie, TX

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Wooden replacement windows are a thing of beauty. Not only they are exceptionally energy efficient, but they also offer immense design flexibility, warmth and timeless beauty.

For years, wood has remained the preferred choice for homeowners due to its great many benefits and also due to its ease of availability. Over the years as technologies have improved, new and improved materials have been introduced in the market.

Nonetheless, for those homeowners looking to use wooden replacement windows in Waxahachie, TX homes, certain points need to be kept in mind. This will allow them to gauge pros and cons of wooden windows against its alternatives.

Pointers to Keep in Mind before Installing Wooden Replacement Windows in Waxahachie, TX

Listed below are some key factors for a homeowner to take in consideration before deciding to install wooden windows in their households.

Admittedly, there are some vital benefits, but there are some drawbacks, too. A homeowner needs to decide the best solution depending on his needs, aspirations and budgetary constraints.

Visually Appealing

Wood has immense aesthetic appeal which is why it is the material of choice, be it doors, flooring or windows. Nothing beats the warm and elegant feel of a wood. Since natural wood is innately beautiful, many composite window frames emulate the look and feel of wood as well.

Furthermore, no other option is more suitable in conventional or old homes than wood as it complements the interior design of such spaces. The beauty of genuine wood is unlike any other.

This is why wooden replacement windows in Waxahachie, TX are an ideal choice since they accentuate the beauty of your house and increases its value.

Astounding Insulation

Wood is a poor conductor of heat. This makes it the ideal choice for insulation purposes. High quality wooden windows are still one of the best insulating materials in the market. Wood provides 400 times better insulation in comparison to steel-framed windows and 1,800 times better insulation than aluminium-framed windows.

Moreover, when you install wooden replacement windows in Waxahachie, TX homes, you also save significant costs in electrical energy bills since wood keeps the house warm in winter and cool in scorching summers.

Apart from that, they are adept at preventing sounds entering the indoor space.

Ease of Availability

Wood is a conventional material and widely used in window frames. It can be easily molded into a variety of complex shapes to suit your indoor space. On the downside, wooden windows are not very durable as they rot pretty quickly. Moreover, they are expensive to maintain on an annual basis.

But when properly looked after, wood replacement windows can last a lifetime. In order to avoid long-term maintenance costs associated with installing wooden replacement windows in Waxahachie, TX houses, remember to clad a wooden frame with aluminum/vinyl to create a surface that is weather-resistant. This composite frame has lower maintenance demands.

Wood Has a Longer Lifespan

Not only it is the best insulator out there, but it is also a vital money saver for any homeowner looking to save costs on maintenance and reinstallation for longer periods of time. Wood gives you a better return on investment for a good reason.

According to research, high quality wood windows can last a lifetime and have a less whole life cost. With proper care, they can outlive other alternatives in the market. More so, wood is not prone to rust which again is a huge advantage for homeowners.

Due to this reason, installing wooden-framed replacement windows in Waxahachie, TX homes will pay great dividends in the coming years.

Least Coefficient of Expansion

Since Texas has a hot and humid weather for the most part, choosing wooden replacement windows in Waxahachie, TX is actually a wise choice. It has the lowest coefficient of expansion in comparison to vinyl and aluminium alternatives. Due to this reason, wooden windows provide better stability as they are immune to heat and stand their ground regardless of the weather.

On the other hand, vinyl has the highest coefficient of expansion than aluminium and wood due to which it is extremely unreliable during months of winter and summer.

An Eco-friendly Option

Wood replacement windows are also environmentally-friendly. As ‘going green’ is a running trend these days, you can play your part in preserving the environment, too. Unlike vinyl and most of the composite alternatives, wood is made from natural resources.

Before you decide to install wooden-framed replacement windows in Waxahachie, TX, remember that it is an investment which will pay off by itself in the coming years.

Upkeep of Wooden Windows

This is one major drawback of wooden windows. In comparison to other composite alternatives, wooden-framed windows need to be repainted after every 3 to 4 years. It protects them from various external conditions.

As is the case, proper maintenance keeps these windows in optimal condition. After installation, monthly cleaning as well as inspection is necessary to prevent typical wood damage. It may also show signs of problems in their early stage. Timely repair and maintenance help keep your windows appealing for many years.

Therefore, when you decide to install wooden-framed replacement windows in Waxahachie, TX homes, keep in mind the aspect of regular maintenance. If you are unable to manage maintenance regularly, wooden windows are not for you.


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