Why You Need Triple Pane Windows in Frisco Now

Why You Need Triple Pane Windows in Frisco Now

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The first question that might come to your mind when you read the title is, “What are Triple Pane Windows?” Well, that’s why we are going to answer your question right now!

Triple glazed, alternatively known as triple pane windows are windows that – as the name suggests – contain three layers of glass inside them with each layer having a Low emissivity film in between them. These windows serve to be very high insulating and are now becoming the industry standard used in homes and office buildings. In recent times, the triple plane windows have started to become an industry standard, with greater usage being seen in modern offices.


Triple Pane vs Double Pane

Double pane windows consist of two layers of glass with a spacer in-between that separates them. Double pane windows are made to reduce up to 50% in heat loss, keeping your electricity bills at a significantly lower rate and in combination with a fiberglass frame, the overall energy efficiency of your windows increase. They are a previous iteration of triple pane windows and have been used in homes nationwide as the previous industry standard.


The main reason you need triple pane windows in Frisco is because of the superior advantage they give you when it comes to energy ratings, an approximate improvement of 20 to 30% can be seen when using triple pane windows.


Benefits of Using Triple Plane Windows in Frisco

There is a multitude of benefits that arise when using triple pane windows. Here we list some of the benefits that we feel you need to know about these windows.


  1. The protective film, low E that is used in between the glass panes. Once the film has been coated on, the window reduces the loss of heat during winters, in turn, keeping the house warm and cozy. When the summer rolls around, the low E coating protects the house from the intense UV rays and keeps the indoors of the house safe. This is one of the reasons why triple pane windows in Frisco, have the ability to outperform the double pane windows.


  1. Rather fascinating is the fact that triple pane windows in Frisco with a single coat of low E can have a better rating than a double pane window with two coats of Low E. If you


  1. A major benefit of triple pane windows in Frisco is that they act as a superb two-way sound deterrent. The outside noise pollution that is generated by cars or children or even your neighbors is lessened by a great degree by the three-layered windows. It even enables homeowners to keep the noise generated by them inside the house. Now the triple pane windows are not soundproof, which is important to keep a note of but do they act as a barrier? Definitely so


  1. In areas with high humidity, condensation takes place leading to dew being formed on the panes of the window. The heat that comes inside the house and goes outside the house tends to react negatively with the environment, both outside and inside. In either case, it is possible that the window frames react negatively to condensation. The reason why condensation is important is that in excess, it can lead to significant mold damage occurring. The good news is that triple pane windows in Frisco keeps condensation away because of its insulating properties. If we compare this to the double pane windows, the low surface temperature of the double pane windows actually leads to condensation taking place. Triple pane windows in Frisco has the ability to balance its temperature, resulting in lower condensation.
  2. In conclusion, it all comes down to the most important feature of the triple pane windows. Triple pane windows in Frisco are more energy efficient than the double pane windows. This helps minimize energy consumption and leads to lower electricity bills. Not only this, but they help in savings costs by being able to outperform their double pane counterparts in terms of longevity. Therefore, you do not have to worry about replacing or repairing them too often. The major reduction to electricity bills caused by the triple pane windows in Frisco is the reason that people do not mind paying a higher sum for installation.


Drawbacks of Using Triple Plane Windows in Frisco

It is important to note that the main and perhaps the only con of the triple pane windows in Frisco is that they have higher installation cost up front as compared to double paned windows. However, we can see that in the long run, the triple pane windows help significantly in reducing costs by being more energy efficient and by incurring fewer repair costs. Hence, this con is not as big of a con as it may seem so initially.


What We Provide

Due to our national buying power, Energy Window Solutions is able to provide you with an incredible price to value proposition, similar to what we provide with our double pane windows.

While there is a multitude of options available in the market, one option stands out as the most energy efficient window today: The Rehau Window. There is a plethora of factors that influence how well a window performs, including the frame material, number of window panes, low E glass and the gasses and sealants that are used between the glass.

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