What Can Energy Efficient Windows do for You? | Replacement Windows in Rockwall, TX

What Can Energy Efficient Windows do for You? | Replacement Windows in Rockwall, TX

Energy efficient windows allow people to effectively use the energy provided to their households, which in turn helps in cutting down on electric bills. However, are they really worth it or do their investment costs result in them being an expensive decoration piece in your home? Well, to answer that, we’ll first have to find out what they are and how they work.

What are Energy Efficient Windows?

Energy Windows in Rockwall can be defined as windows that insulate the home to a certain degree, allowing the heat from the inside to remain for longer periods of time and shield the home from external sources of heat.

In effect, these windows allow the microclimate that is created by the thermostat, A/C or the heaters in the home to remain active, longer than usual. While that is a result of installing Replacement Windows in Rockwall, how efficient they are at doing it iscompletely dependent on something called the U Factor.

The U Factor

The U factor is a measure of the rate of heat transfer between two surfaces. It tells you how good or bad the window is at insulating the home. The U factor is measured in Btu/h-ft2.F. Hence, it’s technically definedas energy transferred per unit area per temperature difference between two surfaces that are in contact with each other.

For the best Energy Windows in Rockwall, the U factor needs to remain between 0.25 and 1.25. The lower the U factor, the better the insulation capacity of the window.

Types of Energy Efficient Windows

Energy Windows in Rockwall come in several variations,but the best ones rely on a combination of specific factors that help them insulate the inside of the home from the outside world. Most involve multiple layers of glass and filling the gaps between those layers with gas instead of a vacuum. Here are a few major techniques that are used by energy efficient windows.

Triple Glazed Vinyl Windows

Triple Glazed vinyl windows offer passive solar energy to enter the home and keep the heat within the home during winters. They also help keep the house cool during summers.

Gas Filled Windows

Gas filled windows aren’t very well understood by most people. They’re a relatively new concept since the spaces are filled with Xenon, Argon or Krypton (noble gases which are known to be inert and light and don’t react with any other substance even under very high temperatures). There is a debate as to which gas is the best at insulation.

The gas is pumped in between the window panes and sealed so that there isn’t any condensation between the panes. This keeps the efficiency at a maximum.

Argon Gas

Argon is a less costly gas to acquire than its alternatives, which is why manufacturers prefer working with it and keeping their costs at a minimum.It helps prevent heat from escaping through panes. It works well with a gap of about 0.5 inches between the panes.

Krypton Gas

Krypton Gas works with most double pane windows and is a better insulator than argon. However, Krypton needs a smaller gap between the window panes in order tobe effective. Hence, it’s almost always present inside the triple pane Energy Windows in Rockwall.

Triple Glazed Wood Framed Windows

Wood is still the material of choice when it comes to windows. Since it’s a natural insulator and looks great as a decorative choice, it is still a favorite among households across the world. The same technology that allows vinyl windows and gas-filled windows to existing is used to create glazed wooden frames.

Advantages of Energy Efficient Windows

You’ve read about the various types of Energy Windows in Rockwall, and you may have a good idea of why they’re a good investment, but the economics are still not all there. So let’s count the best ways in which energy efficient windows help the average homeowner.

Cost Savings

Energy efficient windows reduce your electric bill by allowing inside heat to stay in for longer and the outside heat to stay out for longer. Hence, you don’t have to keep switching on the AC or the heater in order toadjust the temperature to your liking.

However, you already knew that. What you might be unaware of is that this can reduce your electric bill by 11 to 24 percent. These savings vary depending on what window you’re using and the climate you’re in.

Less Condensation

Some Energy Windows in Rockwall are protected by a thin layer of metal. This type of glass doesn’t allow condensation and hence, doesn’t allow for frost to build up on windows. Rooms feel colder as a result of frost, and hence this stops them from losing heat.

Greater Comfort

Energy efficient windows close off the outside heat and cold by completely blocking the breeze and draft from getting in. This way, you’ll be more comfortable in a steady climate that you’ve created for yourself. No drafts or breeze will disturb you or cause you to curl up in the fetal position to keep warm.

Better Lighting

Energy Windows in Rockwall allow you to let in as much light as possible without letting in the heat. This way, these window help flood your space with beautiful natural light, all the while not letting it make the space in question into a cauldron. This is a clear advantage over tinted windows.

Less Damage to the Furniture

The harmful rays of the sun can fade artwork, fabrics, and carpets as well as wood. The Energy Windows in Rockwall allow you to keep the light and get rid of the harmful effects of those rays.

If you’re going to install the best Energy Windows in Rockwall, you’ll need the expertise and technical finesse of Energy Window Solutions.