Why Do Some Windows Frost? | Insight from Your Fort Worth, TX Replacement Windows Provider

Why Do Some Windows Frost? | Insight from Your Fort Worth, TX Replacement Windows Provider

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Do you notice that your windows frost in your home? Maybe you notice it even at mild or minor temperatures. Maybe you don’t notice it until the temperatures get quite low. No matter what you experience you want to make sure that you’re taking care of that frost, right? You don’t want your windows to keep causing you trouble and resulting in additional damage to your windows and your entire house as well.

The Problem with Frost

When it comes to frost you might not even realize that it’s a problem. After all, it seems like it’s no big deal, right? You just clear it off or you ignore it and as the heat of the day come on there’s just nothing to worry about anymore. It goes away. So, why is it such a big deal? Well the big deal is mainly in what that frost is representing more than the frost itself (though that can be a problem as well). You want to make sure that you’re doing everything you can to avoid frost and getting replacement windows right away so you don’t have to worry about this:

First, frost on your windows means that there is way too much air that’s getting in and out. Your windows are getting conflicting temperatures from inside your home and different temperatures from outside your home. That’s actually relatively normal but what isn’t normal is the fact that your windows are then not able to keep the temperatures where they’re supposed to be. As the hot air and the cold air both attack the window and the window can’t keep them separated frost will form. That’s going to result in a whole lot of extra money that you’re spending that you don’t need to be if you just got replacement windows.

When your windows are frosting over it means that they’re not keeping out the cold or warm air and that means that throughout the entire day you’re paying to heat or cool the outdoors. That’s definitely not something that you actually want to do, right? You want to make sure that you’re keeping the air that you’re paying for safely inside the walls of your home. If you have frost then that’s definitely not happening at all.

Another problem is that you’re definitely not going to be comfortable. Would you be comfortable sitting next to a window that has frost on it? Maybe you’ve driven your vehicle when it has frost on the windows and if you have you know that the frost definitely gives off some cold air while you’re sitting there. And if there’s frost that means your windows are also letting in a whole bunch of air from the outside that’s quite cold. Again, you’re going to feel really uncomfortable sitting next to those windows and you’re definitely not going to want to do it for very long, which is taking away from your ability to enjoy your house.

What you might not realize as well is that the frost on your windows needs to go somewhere, and as your windows defrost it means that you’re going to have water dripping down the outside and possibly even the inside of the windows. That’s another sign you need replacement windows because that means you’re going to have moisture and water getting down into the walls. Whether that water stays outside or inside you’re going to have a big problem on your hands. Not only that but you’re going to have water that likely seeps in, even if the windows are only frosted over from the outside.

When water gets into your home it’s definitely a sign that you need replacement windows. That’s because you’re getting damage to the walls themselves and you could find yourself with mold and mildew growing inside the walls. Plus, you could have structural issues. That’s another problem you definitely don’t want to be dealing with. The more you allow this to continue on the worse it’s going to get and the more you’re going to need to pay to get the problems fixed before you can just get replacement windows.

Why Windows Frost

We touched on this a little bit but in essence, windows frost because the temperature outside is colder than the temperature inside. As the cold air and warm air connect through the glass it causes the glass to frost over. If you have single pane windows this is especially a problem and it definitely means that you need replacement windows in your Fort Worth, TX home. It means that air is most definitely getting through the panes of glass on your windows and that’s going to mean higher heating and cooling bills.

If you have noticed that your windows are frosting over it’s something that you should absolutely be taking a closer look at. It means that you need to look for any signs of damage that are happening around the windows, whether it’s water damage, pests or something more. Any sign of trouble should mean that it’s time for replacement windows and its definitely time to start doing something about the problem. You absolutely don’t want to have to deal with frost on your windows, whether it happens once in a while or it happens all the time, and if you’re not taking care of this right away that’s exactly what you’re going to have.

Windows that frost are windows that absolutely shouldn’t be sticking around. Double pane and triple pane windows are definitely not going to frost that way. Replacement windows for your Fort Worth, TX home should be the very next thing on your to-do list and they should absolutely consist of some serious protection. Get triple pane replacement windows if you can and if you can’t then definitely get at least double pane. When installed correctly, these should be able to keep out the cold or warm air and they’re definitely going to keep you from experiencing frost. Your home in Fort Worth, TX is going to be a whole lot better off with these replacement windows. Contact Energy Window Solutions to schedule an appointment today.